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Anxiety The Fear Caused By Inequality Of Handicap - Fear

Inequality causes anxiety for me, Andy Lee Graham -- April 2018


Anxiety, The Fear Caused by Inequality of Handicap

I was in an accident in the Dominican Republic, which has made me temporarily handicapped. I have a broken tibia, and elbow, with lot of metal inside. This means that the average 30-40 year old can walk, and move around the planet better than me, I am not their equal, I am handicapped, and I am less than them physically.

Handicapped, truly I do not know the PC Politically Correct term, and because I am talking about myself, I choose to call myself handicapped, or disable. I am quite sure I am not equally to travelers age 30-40, they can walk circles around me, they are faster, and more mobile than me. I am maybe a person with reduced mobility, which means they will give me a wheelchair in airports.

Actually, many people who are not reduced mobility choose wheelchairs in airports. I was quite astounded when they just stand up out of wheelchair and walked about.

It is April 2018, and there is no choice, I need to accept this anxiety, this fear, this handicap, with only the hope, and belief it will all go away. I am lucky, this is most likely temporary, and I believe I will again be able to walk like a 30-40 year old person, even though I am age 62.

We do compare ourselves to others, and when another person is more powerful, we can have fear, and anxiety.

Tracking down the reasons for anxiety, whether real, or imagine, and resolving, or kicking it out of the house is my goal. I find talking to myself helps, talking to others helps, in reality, I do believe if we continue to talk honestly, the answers are revealed.

Are you capable of talking yourself out of anxiety, or do you continually escalate the feelings?

As Gene says, “Old age is not for cowards.”

I have a choice today, I can say,
“I am brave.”
“I am not brave.”

I choose to say, “I am brave.”
Because the alternative is not acceptable.

Thanks, Andy Lee Graham

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