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Training Mom Graham to Telephone me with Skype.comom Anywhere on Earth

Family is number one priority for a Graham - Therefore talking my Mother and Father into using Skype.com is huge victory for a World Traveler.

Mom Graham

It is a toss up, the Graham family from Orland, Indiana in the USA could be...

"The Walton's."


"Little House on the Prairie."

Today, I finally got Skype.com set up on my parents computer, yippee. Skype.com allows two people to talk computer to computer using the Internet for free.

What does this mean?

My Mother of Father can click on the little green Skype.com icon and call me free anywhere on the planet.

In a way, this is family, I want my nieces and nephew, etc, maybe 17 plus children to be able to call their grandmother and grandfather easily.

The goal of a good family is to be easily available to other family members --- and I would do about anything to get my nieces and nephews off of Facebook and talking with my Mother and Father.

I thank the good Gods for granting me the good fortune of having two of the best parents on the planet.

Andy Graham

Thank you Skype.com for allowing me to talk for free from anywhere on the planet with my parents.



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