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My Mother in USA is Skype Calling Me Internationally 1-2 Times Per Day

It is now easy to keep stay in touch with American family and friends while you live live abroad or overseas.

Sun, 6 Nov 2011 01:59:14

I am happy, my Mother has taken the bait, I have a solid connection whereby she understands how to double click on my green and connect with me. I am now trying to maneuver my brother, sister, nieces, nephews, her grand children, and great grandchildren into connecting with her. Do not worry about my Dad, she is listening with speaker, the two are inseparable and will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary in 2011, (May I think - I am proud.)

Abandonment Issues are HUGE in all Humans

How to desert you friends, or how to hurt them badly, you leave?
(Best negotiation tactic every misunderstood.)

Travel or to "Get on the Bus Gus," is a wonderful and great way to achieve this goal, by accident, passive aggressively, or just straight up front anger.

I vote for "Get on the Bus Gus," from the Paul Simon song, 50 ways to leave you lover, what a psychology and sociology genius that guy is; the song "The Boxer," was expert status.

One of the main subconscious fears when moving outside the country of the United States of America is that you are deserting you family and friends. The true fear is with ourselves, we are not that important to our friends at home.

But, wherever be you self-esteem, the reason you cannot travel is 99 percent one issue, you or we, or us need someone to give us positive feedback that will stroke our egos and allows to not feel homesick. Strangely, 10-15 years ago, there were 10 time more independent travelers, than now, most travelers bring their mate, and Lesbian Girls are really taking off to travel.

Low Self-Esteem is epidemic in the developed world: I believe because there is over stimulation, over-abundance of issues, over-abundance of information, the belief by people that they can multi-task, do everything well would make anyone crazy. Failure to do a good job at anything is rampant in the USA, hell, 99 percent of people are not going to read this last sentence, they have already skimmed it and done nothing well.

Well, is one solution to your desire to desert and hurt you friends, sign them up, and block them... hehehe has been the best and worst thing in my travel life, it is the best because I can call landlines in the USA for 2 cents per minute and force my friends, and family to feel guilty in a more efficient way. I even have a USA telephone number for them to call me back on, and they do not, I am not sure they realize, they deserted me 10 years before I started to travel. The got married and stop talking with me, this is fun stuff.

They did not desert me, they just got too busy to be involved with me, and men are such jerks, they have so many affairs, they cannot hang around with single men. Marriage is a great way to get rid of close friends.

I ramble on sometimes as a brain buster for you, to stimulate anger, fear, frustrations in your head. When you get inside you inner child and stop beat the shit out of him or her, maybe you will stop getting on the comments below and try to beat up mine.

Abused people become abuser, ergo negative comments.

Call you mom, be grown up enough to say hello before she dies, call you father and say, I love you, be adult enough to accept this, go smart young. Note, if you are with me in person, and I ask you,
"How often do you call you parents?"

I am giving you an interview, I want to know at what level you are nuts, maybe sane.

Well, I can thank the good Gods, I am never going to feel guilty when my Mother or Father die, I can say, I did my best to be their friend, to be a good son. Which is easy for me, I just do the right thing all day.

This is not an orphan

Help an orphan overseas today, by staying home and learning to have a real, authentic, intimate talk with people in you own language. If you think you can go around hugging children to save yourself, you are totally insane.

Note, do this is not an orphan, I found it on my photo of Siem Riep in Cambodia, she is trying to sell that, she is just a scowler. (Girls have earing's on planet earth.)



Help and orphan today, leave the poor kid alone and go deal with your own abandonment issues.