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My Father Jerold Graham Died January 31 2014

My Mother called to tell me that my Father, Jerold Graham dies a couple of hours ago. I am Andy Lee Graham, proud to tall him Father, I am a lucky man.

Fri, 31 Jan 2014 01:52:13

My father, Jerold Graham died January 31, 2014.

My father, Jerold Graham from Orland, Indiana was a great man. I wish the whole world had a father the same, the world would be a better places. He died from prostrate cancer, that moved to his back.

Jerold Graham

I wish to give an example of who my father was; one time I took the Amtrak train from Boston, Massachusetts to Waterloo, Indiana, and the train arrived six hours late. My father was there waiting for six hours.

I never needed to worry, my father always had my back, and as I traveled the planet he was always with me. Love is often about faith, the belief that people we love will never let us down, my father was a good man.

I hope to have a wife some day that would wait for me six hours when the plane arrived late, the same as my father. And what is even more amazing, my mother is the even more dependable than my father, some of use are born under lucky stars.

Thank you Dad Graham,

You son, Andy Lee Graham in Kara, Togo West Africa January 31, 2014

My father, Jerold Graham, I am Andy Lee Graham.