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I Want to Visit My Graham Family

I am a traveler: However, I want to visit my family, I want to be part of the family.

Sat, 19 May 2012 05:40:53

There is a travelers culture, and there are certain types of people who want to be travelers. More or less there is a stereotype, after 14 years of perpetually traveling the planet when I meet people, I can almost predict whether they are cut out to be a long-term traveler.

The Need for Family is Universal

There are many people who say to me, "Andy, you have the dream life, you can travel the world." "I want to do this."

The need for family is more important, a bigger desire, and normally what stops a person from traveling is his or her spouse, the wife refuses, the husband refuses, or they realize that traveling is not the best for children. It is extremely difficult to travel with children, the problems are numerous.


The Need for Family will Stop a Traveler

I have many people ask, "When are you going to stop traveling Andy?"

I say, "One day, I will enter a village, meet a girl, and never come up with a good enough reason to leave." "Even though I start to leave, there will be some excuse I use to stay, there will be some strange and mysterious reason why I cannot go.

This is love, when nothing works, you cannot leave, staying is love, leaving is leaving.

Well, I am in the USA, it is May 19, 2012, and this is a little different, but because I am in the USA, I want to visit my Mother, Father, Sisters and Brother, it feels as if there is bait. I mean, I am tempted all the time to go visit them, it is as if there is lure, some bait that is tempting me to bite.

Now, I am not going to stop traveling because of my parents, sisters and brothers, but the older I get, I think I will visit more often then before, because the need for family is universal.

There are travelers with no family and no desire for family, they are scary.

I have left a couple of girls, I am quite sure my path will lead me back, and maybe one day I will refuse to leave.

I have a career, I am a travel writer, I travel, the question is always, what is stronger, my desire for family, or my love of travel.

Families Can Travel.

I think a family can travel, but to me, the only sane way is to live in each location for three months, then leave, that will slow down the pace to something that is managable.

However, the in the end, the reason why people stop traveling is simpler, they cannot figure out a way to make money.

I love my family, and a couple of girls on Planet Earth.


Andy Lee Graham