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I Made a Web Site for My Home Town of Orland Indiana

I am Andy Graham, my home town is Orland, Indiana from the USA, it is located in the northeast corner of the State of Indiana.


Orland, Indiana my Home town, I now have a web site for it.

What is great about this small portal is a person can sign up and write articles without having a lot of special computer skills.

Having some fun today.

Andy Graham from Orland, Indiana, in the USA


Phil J

Hi Andy. Wow, Orland looks nice. I have been in Indiana many times. When I was a truck driver we had a terminal and fuel stop at Gary Indiana. Many times we then headed south to Indianapolis and then east. It is nice to have roots you can go back to. I maintain contact with my family and roots. Good luck on your further adventures. I cannot wait to read your book and see your blogs about traveling in the US.


I live just a little ways from Orland- when i was a kid i often at breakfast with my Dad at the steakhouse in town. At my age only a few miles further north to michigan for beer when i am 18 :-) Now i prefer the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam

Page Turner

When you leave Chubby's friendly eating place go right next door to his meat market and you will find every type of fresh meat you could ever want at a reasonable price. This is a beautifull little village that is sure to please the eye.

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