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Factory Tours Planned for Indiana by Andy Lee Graham

I am driving around the USA for 3-6 months, I have decided to take a few factory tours, and will do in many states.

I will leave on Tuesday, May 7, 2012 for Indianapolis, Indiana. My Father and Mother are planning to move to Indy for around six months while my Dad gets cancer treatment at the Simon Cancer Center with a Dr. Noah Hahn. This is located near Indiana University Indianapolis, but the address is 535 Barnhill Drive Suite 473 Indianapolis, IN 46202.

I am going to go look for a affordable one bedroom apartment in Indy, and because I not in a hurry, I am going to stop and visit some a few things of interest.

Factory Tours

I am not a very good tourists, what I enjoy most is walking around a small village in Africa watching and learning how people work. Well, here I am in the USA, and started to think, what do I want to see in the USA? When I was in Switzerland, I went to the Swiss Knife factory, you know how you hear so much about a company, it just seems fun to go and visit. 

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Planned Factory Tours in Indiana

DeBrand Chocolatier‎ --- Fort Wayne

Hitzer, Inc. --- Berne

Sechlers Pickles, INC --- St Joe

Oliver Winery --- Bloomington

I am choosing these Factories or Businesses from these two pages:

Note, I am not choosy on where I go in the USA, truly I just like to have free time to enjoy the day. IF, IF, IF you have something you truly want me to visit, pay for the gas by donating and I will go or send you the money back.

Minimum for this is 25 USD, gas is a major expense. You will need to click on contact and write me... Contact Andy

Phil J

Hi Andy. You might consider touring General Motors, Detroit Diesel Allison factory. They made Diesel engines and Allison Aircraft Engines. They also make Allison transmissions for heavy duty usage. They made the military T 56 engine which is in the P3 Orion sub hunter and the C 130 Hercules transport, and the Navy E2C Hawkeye airborne early warning radar plane.
I worked on the T56 both in the nave and as a civilian in Houston, Texas. It would be interesting to hear what you had to say about it. They also run a school to teach technicians how to work on the T56.
Good luck and have a really nice summer.


Yes, I am grateful my dad was accepted into the program.


Hi, Andy. I've been enjoying your videos as I prepare to head South. First stop, Ecuador. Thanks for the inspiration and practical advice. Keep up the good work !

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