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My Goal: To Be a Man Without a Country

"Expatriate" – I have never liked this word. I am as American as apple pie, and I have no desire to join the other team.

Humans have a propensity for yes-or-no thinking; in most ways, a computer is more objective. The only way a human is not prejudiced, or more or less a bigot, is when he or she walks away and stops talking.

We want people in the USA, all citizens of the USA, to say, “God bless America,” as if God should take sides and protect us better. More explicitly – in a superior way – we want God to be on our side. Does God take sides? 

God Bless America

Yet, a person can just be pragmatic. We do not have to be pro or con toward the USA. We can be just bored with the topic. There is so little relevance between how I live my life and the way the othesr in American culture live that it is hard to feel a kinship.

My last vestiges of loyalty toward the USA will probably diminish when my mother and father die.

Yet again, it is not a black-and-white thing for me. When a Europeans or, more usually, an American starts ranting and berating the USA, I do walk away. Right or wrong, it is my native country and no better or worse than most – and for sure, it is a lot more difficult for me to get thrown in jail in the USA.

Listening to rants against the USA is what patriotic people do. The more they rant, the more I know they love the USA. They are angrily defending the USA in a sort of dysfunctional way; they are ranting about a long list of things they want changed.

I do not want to change the USA; it is just fine with or without me. And by leaving the country, I vote with my feet.

I am not going to give up my passport or driver’s license, but I spend a lot of time figuring out how to only enjoy the benefits and avoid the negatives.

Yet, what does a man without a country do? He or she will go about living as citizen of the world, taking the best that each country offers and moving on when experiencing too much of the bad.

As a world citizen, we can lick the icing off the top of the cake, and we are never forced swallow the dry cake beneath.

Andy Graham

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