Expatriates Help that is really trying to help, if you want to write and edit please write.

There are Expatriate colonies all over the planet, from small to large, groups of Foreigners who talk together. The word Expat or Expatriate annoys many world travelers because it alludes to not being a patriot to ones home country, while most expats are very connected to their home country, and seldom, really never forfeit our passports. Maybe we establish residency for banking or work reasons, and retain all fallback to safety measures.

The founder of HoboTraveler.com has lived  in 90 plus countries, (Andy Graham).
This page is where we have 100 Cities for Expats listed, members of the Hobo Network can log into any of them.

100 Expat Cities

Thanks, Andy Graham

50 Ways Expatriates Fail To Thrive

Expatriate information to help you know how to live overseas and enjoy the Adventure. this is the list of annoyances that will drive you crazy.

Americans Abroad Never Stop Talking About The USA - Expatriates

I always say, "There are worst things than being slapped by pretty women, the worst is being ignored." Indifference is the opposite of love, not hat

Expat Dinners - Expatriates

Expat Forums

List of Expat Forums to help people wanting to live overseas find real people to discuss jobs, apartments, love, and quality of life.

Expat Hangouts

Expat Survey by HSBC Bank Explaining Why Expats Live Outside the USA or Europe

Interesting survey done by HSBC bank, interesting insights, but I would not say it means much.

Expatriate Land Scams


Expatriates Help that is really trying to help, if you want to write and edit please write.

Global Expatriate Websites - Expatriates

List Of Expatriate Colonies - Expatriates

List Of Stereotypes For Expats Or Expatriates

Explanations of types of expats.

My Goal: To Be a Man Without a Country

"Expatriate" – I have never liked this word. I am as American as apple pie, and I have no desire to join the other team.

Travel Is Best When I Don't Care About a Country - Expatriates

I don't care about a country, or the tourist attractions, truly to me, only good to be curious, and care about the actual people we meet.

Expat Defined: An expatriate (in abbreviated form, expat) is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country and culture other than that of the person's upbringing or legal residence. The word comes from the Latin term expatriates from ex ("out of") and patriâ the ablative case of patria ("country, fatherland").

In its broadest sense, an expatriate is any person living in a different country from where he or she is a citizen. In common usage, the term is often used in the context of professionals sent abroad by their companies, as opposed to locally hired staff (who can also be foreigners). The differentiation found in common usage usually comes down to socio-economic factors, so skilled professionals working in another country are described as expatriates, whereas a manual labourer who has moved to another country to earn more money might be labelled an 'immigrant'. There is no set definition and usage does vary depending on context and individual preferences and prejudices.

In the 19th century, Americans, numbering perhaps in the thousands, were drawn to Europe—especially to Munich and Paris—to study the art of painting. Henry James, for instance, was a famous expatriate American writer from the 1870s, who adopted England as his home.

The term 'expatriate' in some countries also has a legal context used for tax purposes. An expatriate living in a country can receive a favorable tax treatment. In this context a person can only be an expatriate if they move to a country other than their own to work with the intent of returning to their home country within a period of no more than 5 fiscal years. This number of years can vary per tax jurisdiction, but 5 years is the most commonly used maximum period.

Expatriate is sometimes also spelled 'ex-patriot.'

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