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Expat Hangouts

Expat Hangout is a regular restaurant or bar where during the day the local foreigner or expatriates will come talk, normally there is shelves of books in English.

Dominican Republic
- Sosua - Rocky's Restaurant and Hotel

- Lake Atitlan - Centro Comerical Dorado
- Rio Dulce - Sundog Bar

Luzon Island - Baguio - Red Lion Pub and Inn
Luzon Island - Bawang or La Union - VFW Restaurant near Bali Hai East
Luzon Island - Manila - Starbucks in Robinsons Mall in Malate, Mabini on Adriatico
Cebu - Bogo City - Center of town, near Gaisano Tambayan Restaurant

- Bangkok, Khao San Road - Behind Wat or Temple at Fried Rice Stands

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