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I always say, "There are worst things than being slapped by pretty women, the worst is being ignored." Indifference is the opposite of love, not hat

I am in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, one of the largest American expatriate colonies on the planet. They are more politicallly correct than the Americans living inside the USA, it is an amazingly over American place to visit.

Yet, the number one topic is "Anti American Rants."

Aaah, please stop, I do not trust a word you say... you are talking way to much about the USA, it is an Americanism, we talk about America. That is what Americans do...

Love and Hate 2 sides of same coin

When I bring up a topic in conversation, I know what is important to me, it is my introspective moment, that stop in the music, that slip of tongue that tells everyone what is important in my life.

I try to listen to myself, sometimes we forget.

Life is Good.

Andy Lee Graham in Vilcabamba, Ecuador July 2014

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Esme jake

Well I absolutely not agree with those who said that they hate the USA. I love the USA, there's nothing about USA that I don't like. I have been to USA many times, and I always love to go there. This time I'm planning to go to new york niagara falls bus tours , and I'm sure that the I will get so much awesome memories from my this tour to the super power USA.

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