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Workout Routine

Workout Routine - 10 Minutes per day, one set per day. (Day 1 Upper body) (Day 2 Core of body) (Day 3 Legs) Then repeat cycle 1-3. This simple, 10 minute per day workout routine is guaranteed to you gain muscle, definition, and make you look physically fit, Be a winner today.

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Workout Routine

We do one set per day to failure, no more.

"It is easy to be great, if you work out daily for 10 minutes, you will be in the top 1 percent, 99 percent of people cannot do 10 minutes, the excuses win."

"The winners work out every day, making exercise fun, and never overdo it; a daily workout routine for 5 minutes will always beat going to the gym once per week."
- Andy Lee Graham

This workout routine takes less than 10 minutes per day. This workout routine is a a great beginners workout routines. With time we can add new muscles, or we can decide that a specific body part is as big as we wish. It is best to think of workout routines like a sculpture; find a person you want to look like, and we can make our muscles look the same.

Why do muscles grow? Micro-tears, and repair.

Two Day Off, We do one set per day to failure, no more.
We exercise to failure, we micro-tear our muscles, then we have two days off on that body area to repair, and get bigger. Next time we exercise, we try to do one more rep than before. 


Do these 2 exercises to failure, one set only, then write the number down.



Do these 2 exercises to failure, one set only, then write the number down.



Do these 2 exercises to failure, one set only, then write the number down.


Goal, to do 1-3 more repetitions than you did on first workout routine.

1 day on, 2 day off. 1. Upper Body 2. Core of body 3. Legs

Generally, we go the gym to be around winners, look at attractive men, and women, and learn, it is our happy hour exercise workout routine.

The first goal. Workout every day, make it a habit.

Workout Routine - Seven Principles to Understand.

1. Why muscles Grow? Micro-tears, then they repaired.

2. Weights anything works principle, a 12 ounce can of pop, a one liter bottle of water, a gallon of water, or go buy weights.

3. Set - Group of reps (lifting and lowering a weight)  of an exercise after which you take a brief rest period. For example, if you complete 10 reps, set the weight down, complete eight more reps, set the weight down again, and repeat for six more reps, you have completed three sets of the exercise.

4. List until failure principle: We choose any weight we want, then we do repetitions until failure. Only when we are at the last 2-5 does the muscles do micro-tears, and start the building of muscles.

5. Pain is guaranteed principle: It is guaranteed you will have pain. "No Pain, No Gain." When we exercise to failure, we create micro-tears in our muscles, while these muscles repair, there is pain. If no pain, we did not exercise to failure

6. Work out, every day principle: Until we form a habit of a workout routine, nothing matters. A workout routine, is a routine, it becomes your habit, your daily make you feel good activity. 

7. One Day On, One Day Off Principle:


Day 1, Upper body DAY ON FOR ARMS

Day 2, Core of body. DAY OFF FOR ARMS


Repeat, and try to do one more rep, when going to failure. (repetition.)

How to remember workout routine?
Start at upper body, and work down the body to legs. 

Example Failure Video by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Playlist Going to Failure 

Workout Routine

Workout Routine

Finding more exercise for workout routine?

Search in Google For Livestrong Exericses:

Add to search box:   Livestrong (Words) i.e.  Livestrong Bicep

Tiny Habit the Workout Routine



1. Why do I workout in the last 2-3 hours before my O.M.A.D, One Meal Per Day?

2. Why do I only eat one meal per day?

3. Can you find a good video of how muscle tears, and repairs bigger?

4. How to avoid pain, and gain muscle slower?

5. Give me a photo of a person you want to look like, from a body point of view?

6. Why is good nutrition important for weight gain?

7. Should we drink those energy drinks sold at the gym?

8. Are their vegetarian super body builders?

9. Why work out every day?

10. How much muscle is needed to increase arm size by one inch?

11. What don't you understand above?

12. Why is your exercise, workout routine your workout routine, and not anybody else, why it "It don't mean nothing." What they say?

13. What do we do, if we miss a day?

14. Andrew asked, why is the push ups only 3?



What are your questions? Please ask in comments below.
Thank you, Andy Lee Graham

Glossary of Workout Terms

Workout Routine 2nd cycle.
Workout routine cycle one of 3 days.
This is a workout routine to gain muscles fast, one day on, two day off.