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Why Walking Is Fun for Travelers

Walking as a world traveler is fun, while walking in the USA bores me to death. I cannot wait to leave the USA to resume having fun by walking.

Wed, 13 Nov 2013 20:56:22

We all know that exercise is healthy; we make New Years resolutions that this year everything will be different. Then another year passes, and 99 percent of us fail to exercise; we stop walking.

Why Do We Stop Exercising?

Evolution says walking is wasting energy.

Walking for Curiosity is Survival of Fittest

'Stop Wasting Energy' Is Survival of the Fittest

Genetically, man has evolved to conserve calories, not to expend calories by walking for no reason. The human mind says, over and over, exercise is stupid, stop it, stop walking, we must conserve energy, do not waste energy, conserve it, we may need it for a rainy day, and while out walking on new paths, we might return home with no new food.

My sister enjoys telling me that she walks every day at lunch. She is proud of herself. With great self-discipline, she walks for 30 minutes daily. She has a set path she walks. She walks near my friend Mike’s house, and if he wanted, he could sit on his porch and wait for her to walk by.

Is she walking to conserve energy? Yes, same path, same clothing ...

This is human evolution in action, conserving energy: same walking path, same time, same schedule, absolute efficiency. And her efforts are doomed. One day, her mind will say, the more efficient way of conserving energy would be to stop walking. Evolution will win. She will stop walking and wasting calories.

Walkng for Curiosity Is Also Survival of Fittest

We also are genetically hard-wired to be curious about the new. We need "new": new ideas, new things. Our survival depends on finding a better way. We refuse to waste energy, but walking to find new ideas is different. We need to walk to survive, to find new ideas.

Travel Is Curiosity

After we get a mate, find a wife or husband, and have children, there is no reason to look beautiful. We stop competing for lovers. We stop walking. Our job is finished.

Why Walking, Why Exercising as a Traveler Is Fun

Walking as a travelor is fun because I am never exercising. I am just doing what humans have evolved to do, being curious. I am walking in search of new ideas, something that will allow my offspring to survive, to compete better.

Each day we travelers walk around, see different ideas, new things; there is never a dull moment. When we return home, we are beat. We got tons of exercise, but we did not plan our walks. Nothing was planned because our survival of the fittest desire to be curious was more important than today, than the desire to conserve energy.

Search for a new path daily in life, never the same. Waste some energy and go travel the world; go on walkabout.

Travel Is for Curious People Who Need to Survive

Next time you plan the bike path or plan your walking route, stop and think that just as the mind desires to conserve energy, it also needs to be fed new ideas. Take the less-traveled path.

Andy Lee Graham
... way off the USA walking path of conserving enegy, here in Kara, Togo, West Africa, doing survival of the fittest, finding new ideas for the tribe

Evolution, survival of the fittest, our mind tells us, stop, stop, it is wasting energy to walk, feed the mind something new, be curious, and the mind will say, continue to walk.