Walking is Not Sufficient to Stop Old Age from Catching Me

I walk at least 10-15 miles per day, and I my body in the last 13-14 year of travel is atrophied, 10 more years and I would not be able to walk.

I have an incredibly amount of "Me" time, I can focus on my body, my health and my happiness with great ease. While I was out perpetually traveling the planet, I bought this idea that walking is good exercise, I now realize this advice is bad.

Walking is not enough

I need to do jumping jacks, or a burpees, or deep knee bend, or I will soon look like an old man. I am fortunate to be carrying a 50 plus pound backpack around or I would be even weaker.

I am working out a game plan to explain how I do three minute workout now and I am in growth mode again.

Sadly, I worked out every day in the gym in the USA for 15 plus years, and in 13 years of travel, I am becoming an old man.

There is only about 1 in 50 people around me who supports me exercising, and I think 1 in 100 supports me keeping my weight down.

It is like the whole world gave up and decided getting old is a good idea.

There is nothing good about becoming older, and if anybody says there is, they are just using a juicy rationalization for getting old and fat.

I keep looking to replace all my friends with ones that want me to stay young, fit and handsome, they all want me to grow old with them.

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