Everyday Carry

Everyday Carry

As world travelers, people who live the good life, as adventurers we explore out small planet, and need to be prepared. The never ending question for each trip is, what do I need to take? Can I buy these items there?

All the think we "Everyday Carry," need a way to carry these items. The question that continually needs addressed, do you want to always want to carry a backpack? What happens when the temperature outside is 90 degree fahrenheit? 

1. Day bags.

2. Cargo pants.

3. Vest

4. Jackets

5. Fanny packs.

Everyday Carry Defined:

Everyday carry (EDC) or every day carry are items that are consistently carried on person everyday. The main reasons for having EDC are utility and preparedness; to help individuals overcome simple everyday problems, and to prepare someone for unexpected and possibly dangerous situations.

Some of the most common EDC items are knives, flashlights, multitools, wallets, smartphones, watches, key rings, notebooks and pens .

While often distributed among pockets in everyday clothing, carry options are frequently expanded by the addition of clothing accessories like a fanny pack, purse, small day pack, bracelets, or even footwear like long boots or a vest with pockets. Though, how EDC items are stored depends on the purpose and intentions of EDC items. For example, if one is worried about being abducted and collects items to assist an escape, they may store items in more discreet locations


I am Andy Lee Graham, world traveler, lives abroad for over 20 plus years, and in over 100 countries.

Why carry something? 

What is the utility value?

Are you strong enough to carry these items?

Let us explore this topic...

Thanks, your friend, Andy Lee Graham

Wed, 2 Jan 2019 05:09:30

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