SHERIFA | Film review | by Andy Graham

Un film de Steven Af - The story of the gentlemen's agreement to look the other way, the brutal realities that are compounded daily in Africa.

SHERIFA | Film review | by Andy Graham

shefifa 4 stars

This is great movie of exposure, insight, it is explanation; an accurate story of the lie, of mockery endemic in Africa.

Like a dog, you beat it, and it keeps coming back for more."
- Andy Graham 


I woke up this morning angry, I feel a victim of Africa, I want to run back to the USA and hide from them --- the people of Africa.

This is the greatest compliment a film can receive, to make the audience, the viewer, the reader feel so much, that we wake the next day still feeling.

OK, Andy, do not jump, “Sharifa,” was just a movie, it was not real life, and at the same time it was real life, and herein lies the problem. How to keep this movie in perspective, and not over exaggerate the reality, but to lay the dirty laundry on the bed?

Sherifa Le Flim

Is the movie accurate, yes, 100 percent?
Is the movie inaccurate, yes, 100 percent?

It is the best, and the worst, it is the best of Africa, and the worst, it is something you need to watch, and maybe leave angry.

“After a childhood deeply destabilized by parents who were unable to protect her, Sherifa will escape the day of her forced marriage. Thus begins the adventure of the one that will be raped and abused. And when the secret wound of excision proves, nothing would ever be the same. In his quest for freedom and better life, the teenager will face the cruelty which will rushing her into the world of prostitution.”

Steven AF

I am in Kara, Togo, West Africa, and a good friend asked me to attend a movie with her at 18:30 hours at place called “Affairs Sociales”

It was like the movie, I was invited and I get to pay the admission. She is a married woman, but I am to pretend I am not a surrogate. The movie was to start at 6:30; it started at 7:30. A fat woman sang before it started, and she demanded we reply back, I mean she was fat, and too fat, but I am to pretend she is beautiful. The sound was too loud, the projection was horrible.

The crowd started to laugh when the young girl was getting raped, everything was inappropriate; it was not “Gentil.”

As I was forced to sit in a chair, almost a hostage to the situation, I woke this morning and said to myself,
“This was a great movie.”

"And Damn you, you made me feel, I want to keep my eyes wide open, but closed, what give you the right?"

I will always have resentments towards African people, for what they make me feel, and re-feel, and feel again.

When the scene came, where I believe old woman were performing a “Clitoridectomy” on Sharifa, pronounced,
“Sherry FAT.”

I had enough, stood up, and walk out of the movie, it was too good, to real, too Africa, for me to remain in Africa, I need to hide.

Sherifa Film

My advice it to watch the movie, and keep saying to yourself,
“It is just a movie.”
“It is just a movie.”
“It is just a movie.”

But it is 100 percent accurate and 100 percent inaccurate, and when you understand I am telling the truth.
“Bonne arrivée Togo.”

Do you mean it? Yes and No, the mockery we live with, the lies we sustain, and my dream that African can stop looking the other way too often, and too many times.

sherifa child abuse

Watch the movie, no regrets, but never with a slight of hand.

I am your friend Africa; please do not shoot the messenger, I want to be honest, and I am always afraid.

I hope, and believe this is the official web-site:

And, as always, there is always hope in Africa, to bring things into the light, for one day, it would be nice to live in complete confidence of what I see and hear, that all is not a lie, that truth will prevail, that poetic justice is possible.

Standing in line, waiting to enter to watch the film "Sherifa."
Oops, many people cut line, this is Africa... love it, don't leave it.

Andy Graham
Kara, Togo West Africa April 14, 2013

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