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I Miss TV Movie Commercials Movie Trailers - Entertainment While Traveling World

I found a way to monitor the new movies of the year.

I want to watch Movie Trailers on American TV, but I do not live in America. I am a world travel, and many times I am sitting alone with nothing to do in a Hotel room on the other side of the planet.

American TV is stupid, and painful to watch. But, not having American TV to watch and complain about gives me a feeling of ignorance.

It is often strange what I miss about America, and truly I miss all the annoying and "Educational" commercials.


Movie Trailers

I miss having American television annoy me with commercials, I am so unaware of what is being sold to the American public. I am the last to know what Apple products are being sold, I am the last to know which toys kids are buying, but the bigger problem is this,
"I do NOT know anything about new movies."

I truly enjoy a good movie.

Finally, I have encountered an easy, yet also annoying way to learn about new movies.

Skyfall --- hehehe a New James Bond Movie - I NOW know!

How do I follow the new movies? I subscribed to the ever annoying VisoTrailers link on and I receive an e-mail when a new movie is released.

And, I receive many e-mails I do not want, just likeTV commercials, and I am no longer in the dark, I know the new movies being released, that is my goal.

OK, you have to "Join," to do this, but the site is owned by, so just another part of the Google monopoly to encounter.

Look at the graphic above, you are going to have to float your mouse above that subscribe button to get e-mails sent.

Well, I am now in 2012, able to know the movies being watched in America, without needing to live in American and need to listen to Americans tell me all the things they are buying.


Andy Graham presently in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2012



When I travel or live in another country I could care less about the mass amount of garbage on TV or what movies are out.
I go back to the best entertainment of all, local live and reading many books. I will average 2 books a week when pit of the US
plus I will read the foreign English newspapers when I want to know what is going on in the US and elsewhere.
Sometimes I will watch foreign TV that is somewhat understandable without knowing the language but not often.
I also meet more people and make more new friends without the garbage as I go out more.
Of course like you say there are net sites that will keep you up to date but I basically avoid them as well. I enjoy the new freedom of not being addicted to the US idiot box and so many crummy movies that are aimed mainly at the teeny bopper youth today.
What is somewhat amusing is how so many youth in other countries are becoming or already are the same as US kids.
Crap movies, music, fast food, fast cars, stupid fashion fads, why work if I can live off mommy and daddy, etc, etc.

Damn I wish I could have done some of those things but I went to work at 15 until I finally decided to stop enabling "the man" and retired early.

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