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We Will Be Alive For Energy Transition But Not A Climate Change - Electricity

I am grateful, I will experience some of the most dramatic changes on the planet in my lifetime. Andy Lee Graham, thank the good Gods.

Energy Transition

No need to beat up on the losers, coal, wind, gas, nuclear, hydro.


I am Andy Lee Graham, and I am obsessed with watching solar energy history happen. The wave has started, today, November 1, 2018, I received an invitation to attend "European Utility Week." 

What happens is this, I have these google alerts related to solar, then I also subscribe to the PV acronym newsletters. Therefore, there is a deluge of nerd type articles written daily on solar energy. what is interesting is to feel the elation energy of solar energy researchers, and business owners, it is obvious, they are going to spike the football in the endzone sooner, not later.

The climate change people will lose steam, and stop crying, whoopee.

As best I can surmise, the world cried "climate change," and the money for solar research has escalated to unfathomable billions of dollars, thanks for crying wolf.. LOL.

Life is good folks, we will make the transition from coal, etc. Please be kind, as solar energy puts industries out of the game. Whole countries like Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, UAE -- Dubai is already using solar to pump gas out of the ground, and has the largest solar field on the planet.

The signals become more obvious daily, solar is kicking ass, and taking names, the great secret is, the solar energy transition is so boring, that the news reporters cannot find any fake news to report.

How to follow this energy transition, from a big carbon footprint, to solar, the third industrial revolution?

To start, subscribe to the NREL newsletter, and if you can muster the brainwaves, add good alert for "solar breakthrough," and just sit back and enjoy the end of climate change hysteria. 

Go here, I get nothing for this, I am just proud to watch he PV acronyms in process of change for the best. The world get safer, the world gets easier, world peace is breaking out everywhere, we need fake news, because, well, the world is boringly happy, and successful.

Now, will Andy Lee Graham do a transition, and get a proofreader for these missive? Well, after 8,000 written blog post, and 3500 videos, maybe that is less likely to happen...

Thank you, please follow this, refer Hobo, and please, tell you children to open their eyes wide open, history is happening. The energy transition from any big carbon to solar is here, please note, wind is losing also.

Put you money on the winner, solar.

I think efficiency is at 23.2 percent, when it goes to 30, say goodbye, as everyone with big carbon loses their jobs. 

Your friend, Andy Lee Graham.

Andy is luckiest man alive, living abroad for 20+ years in 112 countries Travel Blogger, follow him
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