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No Electricity No Hay Luz Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic may have the worst electricity on the planet, but the best battery back up also on the planet.

I should be saying,
"No candles."
"I don't have any candles."

It is difficult to believe, but I do not have any candles. I have a LED flashlight, but not a good old fashion candle. They have yet to make a more efficient way of providing light than candles.

Why? Well, the electricity in the Dominican Republic sucks about as bad as any place on the planet. Yet, the battery back up and inverter systems are as automatic and work better than anywhere on the planet. My apartment building has one, but the automatic part is a problem. I need to reset the inverter, and the owner has it behind a locked gate. It is 5:40 AM and he is probably sleeping. Soon, I will text message him with my cell phone to day,

"No hay luz."

There is no lights literally, but in the end, the word "luz" means Electricity.


Battery Back Up, Inverter System in the Dominican Republic.

I can also say,

I have a video on my computer of the Inverter system here in Luperon, and I have been trying to upload videos for the last 24 hours. Nothing works, I finally tried with Chrome, which allows Google God to track my every move, using my non-primary e-mail. (I do not allow Google to know I am here in the DR.)

Notihng works... is down, or decided to block me, or cancelled my account. Who knows, and in typical Internet fashion, there is no way to talk to the Gods for answers. I can only sit here like a bump on log and hope something changes. I am hoping they have just had problems with the country of the Domincan Republic.

Hmm, I think this Blog post would be better on

Truly, I am tired of fixing all the Internet crap, it is like a sinking ship, I am not enamored with playing with this crap, it never ends, and I do not get ahead, they continually change the game. I cannot learn anything and have it not change.

Candles, I have less than 10 minutes on the computer battery.

Do I say,
"Screw the spell check, screw the proofreading?"

I am competing with a bunch of wankers who are eating donuts on their fat buttss in the USA and wanking, it is not a good picture.

Truly the Internet is full of creeps, I hate getting on Facebook, feels like a worm in my coffee. But I must, it is the only way to communicate now with my family, they do not read their e-mails, too busy putting their face up on the Interet. Everyone is not enable to feel empowered to be somebody in world full of nobodies.

But who am I to speak, I am another Travel Blogger in the middle of 10's of thousands, just another nobody typing on a computer.

Well, time to text my landlord.

"No hay luz."

Today I buy Candles title=
Inverter Electricity System.