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List Of Reasons Why Electricity Goes Off In Hotel

Here is my collected list of reasons why the electricity goes off while living in a hotel, this includes blackouts and brownouts.

Tue, 14 Dec 2010 02:00:09

Tourist and Travelers should not expect a discount from Hotels in the event the electricity to the Hotel is cut off, they will expect payment. The only way to complain is to move out.

  1. The generator ran out of gas for the city.
  2. The generator for the Hotel only is turned on from about sunset to 10:00 PM, more or less.
  3. The city was working on sewers and cut the line, I was in Manila, Philippines in the Yasmin Apartelles. They management was trying to collect the room payment the second day, whereby there was no electricity when I decided I need to leave.
  4. They need to go pay for another unit of electricity. Ho, Ghana, Tarso Hotel.
  5. City is shut off on some days of the week for certain neighborhoods, this happened in Kathmandu, Nepal
  6. So much Electricity in India is stolen, that the government routinely shuts off the whole city.
  7. Saddam Hussein in Iraq would punish a city by shutting off the electricity, this was a problem because many homes in Iraq have air conditioning.
  8. An exceptional dry year in Ghana, the damn was down, and they stopped selling enough electricity to Togo.
  9. Breakers or fuses are cut, and the management does not know how to fix.
Tarso Hotel in Ho Ghana Electricity was cut because they need to buy another unit title=