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Electric Truck

Electric Truck, we Hobos are toying with idea of driving an electric truck from China to Europe, to South Africa by land.


I am Andy Lee Graham, and looking for partners to drive an electric truck with solar panels on top from India to Europe, then from Europe to South Africa.

Hobos could ride, or drive for specific parts of the journey.

Please join Hobo Traveler, and send private message to Andy Lee Graham a.k.a. Gadget on site.

Thanks, Andy Lee Graham

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Electric Truck


Solar Powered Electric Truck

Read review of van.

Read about the cost:


From China to South Africa now that is a long trip.


I think various Hobos could drive the car, or drive along for different legs of the trip. Or just ride along. My first measurement on Google maps is 13,300 miles, around 130 days of travel, if there was an average of 100 miles per one day trip. Then, maybe 2 days off, so 390 days of total time.


I can fly from Lome, Togo to Beijing for 640 in June one way, or to Bangkok, Thailand for 511. I would like to drive across India, but hard to figure out a path to leave to Europe, USA I think is blocked by Iran.


I guess that solves the where will you have it shipped question I had.


Of the gladdest moments in human life, methinks, is the departure upon a distant journey into unknown lands. Sir Richard Francis Burton.

Page Turner

HAHA' You probably get bored and give that car away. Remember the van you bought in USA a few years ago and gave to Brad. Now you would be more apt to walk that far since you are never on a time schedule.


This brand name Mahindra from Bangalore, India make an electric passenger van. It is close to Andrew, my partner. There are many Germans who drive motor homes to India, so if purchased here, this would make a trip easier to Europe, and less problems with China.


You'd need to shop around. The prices vary depending on the city. "Prices are applicable within the specified city limits only."

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Electric powered passenger van by Mahindra in Bangalore, India. title=
Solar Van by Mahindra Bangalore, India