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Why Is Television The Best Teacher For People In The World? - Education Of People

The television is easy, sending children to University is expensive, a good way to keep the rich -- rich, and the poor, poor.

Why Is Television The Best Teacher For People In The World?

“Because, we are not going to send our children to Harvard”

Parents, friends, family, please accept the obvious, our children are not going to Harvard. And, accept --- where can all children go? They can all go watch the television. 

Often I hear people say,

“I don’t let my children watch TV.”

And, I think about great documentaries on TV, and I think to myself.

“You are denying the children the opportunity to watch the science channel, the history channel.”

Who is the best math teacher on the planet?

Who is the greatest Spanish teacher on the planet?

Who is the best geometry teacher on the planet?

Simple, we record these teachers, then share with the world. 

Then show these teachers to students, in their own language.

The highly developed countries can share knowledge, or they can keep sending money to poor countries to keep them waiting for more money to arrive. Or, we can alllow all the poor countries to move to the rich countries.

Yes, it would be nice, if everyone on the planet had enough money to watch the Khan academy on YouTube. 40 percent of the planet does not have electricity, 70-80 percent of the planet earns less than 20 dollars per day.

We can send TV’s to a village of 200 people, and share knowledge. 

Why don’t we share knowledge?

Simple, if everyone learned, then then why would we send our children to university? The advantage we gave our children would be negated.

Fun stuff.

Seeds of Knowledge, plant some seeds.

Thanks, Andy Lee Graham

Written in the Catholic “Maison des Soeur” Hotel

April 17, 2021

Kpalime, Togo, West Africa

Life is good.

Sat, 17 Apr 2021 00:09:07

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