The USA Is Dumbed Down With Loss of Books and Internet Rise - Education of People

Books are foundation of The Free Encyclopedia is a wonder of the modern world, and the avoidance of books is the end of 'inteligencia.

I am Andy Lee Graham, fully aware that wise readers could read this article and come to the conclusion that they should never read another word I write on the Internet.

Internet Dumbs Down America

I have written over 7,000 articles in the 14 year history of This means that I have obsessed on a specific issue, world travel, over 7,000 times. Yet, there is no way to use my writing as a reference for until I have obsessed this into paper book form. I am essentially a non-writer for Wikipedia's purposes. I am considered too dumb for, and this is fine: The organization thrives on rules. is correct according to its rules ... but this does not prove that I am not an expert in the field of travel.

What is a published book?

It is the child of a mind that has obsessed at least 25 times on the same subject to the point that reading on a computer is painful.

What is an Internet article?

It is when a person writes down his or her opinion about his or her obsession of the day.


The longer a person obsesses, the greater the chance that he or she derives clarity from the tons of amorphous articles he or she read, in which common universal truths were repeated until they were impossible to avoid.

Simple people who write books have obsessed on specific subjects long enough to be trusted. When in doubt, only read articles written by authors of books and avoid the others. In this way, we can prioritize our “inteligencia.”

Thu, 3 Oct 2013 03:05:14

No book, no brain.

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