I Believe Small Group Is Better Than Individual Tutoring

Theory of learning, private vs groups? Pedagogy the study of how knowledge and skills are imparted in an educational context, and it considers the interactions that take place during learning.

I am a selfish learner, I want to learn the most amount of information in the least amount of time. Therefore, I am a self-directed autodidact; I have almost zero use for a teacher.

However, to truly learn, to expand my knowledge to cutting edge, I need a conversation, there is a great need to weigh my understanding in the light of day, with other people, who have different perspectives.

Private tutoring is the worst, the best ideas come from a small group of people who respect each other, and truly wish to help.

The Ideal Way for Andy Lee Graham to Learn?
I find the best teacher on the planet, with a YouTube channel. I watch the video one time, two times, three times, until I understand. Then, I find 2nd best teacher, 3rd best, and so on, and so forth. I watch the YouTube videos until I am saturated with knowledge on a specific topic. I make a youtube playlist, so I can recall when needed.

I think want to get the attention of the teacher, and have him, or allow me to discuss as a group. It would appear that comments are great, until you figure out, nobody on YouTube truly wants to learn, they want to be heard.

This is also the problem for a school class, there are students, self-absorbed I suppose, but many students want to be heard, and most want to leave, go home, and stop learning, they did not volunteer to learn, they was forced there.

People continually, daily try to tell me knowledge privately, and I want them to share it, so we help the most amount of people.

Why do people want to contact me privately? Maybe they want to suck up, to see if we can become friends, and sometimes this is great; generally, I only care about people who wish to help all of mankind.

So, put your information on Hobo, so I can see your good works, then I would choose to pick you as a friend.

I believe private mentors, private tutors may be for the truly dumb, who are so sure they are stupid, they cannot stand to be embarrassed.

Learning, a fun thing, but for most, to be avoided at all cost, because they felt they went to school because, well it was not for fun, sort of punishment.

Thanks Andy Lee Graham
Panajachel, Guatemala
February 10, 2020

Mon, 10 Feb 2020 05:13:11

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