Muisnes Ecuador
Fishing Trip & Hostal Calade

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Girl washing clothes  in a little town along the river. The name was San Grigorio, but I could be wrong.
A Netherlands girl next to a small Ecuador guy.
Girl sitting in a window in San Grigorio
Little Boy. These kids were not that interested in having their picture taken. Most of the kids and people along the coast are more Black than Mestizo.
This one really did not want me to take a picture, although his family was trying to get him to hold still.
This is a picture of a shrimp ponds. There was at least 50 of these ponds I saw. I did not see any shrimp, but we had stopped in San Grigorio to buy some Crabs.
This is the start of a home. Inside if you look close is a tent like structure where someone was living.
Chicken living under the house.
Typical House along the bank of a manmade shrimp pond.
Another view of the tent structure.
Normal pastime in small villages. Sitting at a table and drinking beer. You have to be careful, because the guides and such will of course try to get you to pay for everything.
These were large beers. This is common in Ecuador. I think about 24 ounces
Girl washing clothes in the river. I ask here if she would wash mine, and she agreed to in a somewhat flirtatious way.
A Crab in the bottom of the boat they purchased.
Balcony in the Hostal Calade. Note that is not a Hotel, or Hostel. They call all the hotels.... Hostals.
Lower Hammock and eating area
Entrance. We took the tour with them. Negotiate for the room, the tour everything.
Entrance. The fence surround the hostal. There is almost never a home anywhere that does not have a fence around it.

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