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Working on a Tropical Caribbean Beach with the Anticipation of Phone Calls, Emails, and Problems to Solve

I enjoy working, providing it is fun, never annoying and time flies by fast and I have nobody making problems for me.

Wed, 23 Nov 2011 01:47:21

"Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them."
- Henry Ford

I am always musing and dwelling on these questions below, I want to solve them:

1. Why people do not answer their telephones?

2. Why people do not reply to e-mails?

3. Why people seem to be full of underlying rage, anger, and one second from exploding, if I say one small thing out of whack, they get angry. I do not enjoy walking on eggshells around them.

4. Why people have the time to make negative comments on a Travel Blog?

Playa Alicia

This is where I spend 1-2 hours per day, it is called Playa Alicia, if WikiTravel is correct? Strange as it sounds, there does not appear to be any obvious way of knowing the name of the beach other than reading a guidebook.

I am 5 Minutes from that Beach in a 260 USD Per month Room

I spend my day playing on one of the best tourist beaches on the planet. I spend the other half of my day working in my room at one of the best tourist beaches on the planet.

50 percent of my time playing.

50 percent of my time working.

Playa Sosua

This is Playa Sosua, in many ways better for 99 percent of people, I am the one percent where it is not better. This is truly one of the better beaches on the planet. It has enough girls, the water is clean, clean, bright blue, the waves are calm, nobody is going to drown. But the best thing about this beach is not the beach, is the shade. 99 percent of the people who go the beach do not want to be in the sun, behind the chair here is a long endless row of great shade trees, and a never ending row of places selling beer and food. I hang out with Carl at the Swedish place called Jungle Juiced, where friend talk all day.

Anticipation of Problems of WORK!

I think after 25 years of dwelling on the question,
"Why don't people answer the phone?"

They do not anticipate a good call, they antipate problems.

I finally am getting closer to the clarity I need, I have tons of small answers. I know they do not want to be bothered, I know they are screening calls to try to save time, but all in all, they avoid the phone more than they answer, it just does not make sense to me. Trying to return a call takes three calls, while answering only requires once. 3 versus 1, the math says to answer.

Control Time

I read this book over 25 years ago, and probably most of the principle could be explained in two pages. Make a list, A, B, C, and only when they become an A work on them.. hehehe

If you want to read the book, then your life is too busy, get a life.

My Daily Epiphany
I get a lot of them, but today's was, that all problems in life revolve around the anticipation of problems, and as Henry Ford said

 "Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them."

People are afraid to answer the telephone, and no amount of common sense logic and reading a book like how to get control of your life and time can stop them from avoiding what they fear. Fear makes people avoid, in a way, its an ego defence mechanism protecting them.

Why people cannot work at the beach?

I can, and the other 99 percent of people cannot work while on vacation, there is too much temptation to avoid work. I truly believe that 99 percent of people spend 99 percent of their time trying to avoid work, problems, any stress, and even the least amount of problem solving drives them into anger, rage and fear.

I think they live in horrible places, cold, dreary so they can work, what a horrible reason to avoid the easy life in the Tropics.

I have always been self-employed, that is, I am the 1 percent of people who does not avoid work all my life. The he or she is the boss because they thrive on problem solving, and do not avoid working. (Are you reading this at work to avoid work?)

Third World, Underdeveloped Solution to Work?

85 percent of the planet hardly works, I mean, the people in the DR, Ivory Coast, Thailand, Peru, Kenya, most of the planet hardly move all day. Working is sitting in front of a shop, talking with friends, and waiting for something to happen, then they get angry when you want something.

The Industrial world, and again Henry Ford understood too much, he devised a system that is able to force people to move, I truly hate this ability, and there is nothing on the planet that has caused more stress than the assembly line process of the USA and all the industrial world.

The suicide rate is high in the developed world!

I want to answer the question,
"How to get control of your time and you life?"

It is too simple,
"Do less."

Do less, and less, and less until you have no stress, and you feel in control, but how to have money? You need to spend less, and less until you realize you are just a greedy son of a bitch who has to have everything. Then admit to yourself, because of your greed, you want to have everything, you want to avoid work, but have everything.

Why do people make troll, flaming, or angry comments on a travel Blog?

Because they feel they are out of control in their normal life, and like an abused child, they grow up to be abusers, it is a displaced anger... hehehe

I make a lot of comments on Blogs, I hate to read travel Blogs, but I do read other things, and I try to add information to the writer good work, I do not disagree, I try to add more ideas. I enjoy answering them Yahoo answers things:

I enjoy problem solving, I do not care much about the people asking the questions, I write to help make clarity in my head, not yours.

My Business Fear Has Been Solved! It took almost 10 years to solve!

I like to write, I enjoy thinking out loud and allowing readers to comment. I enjoy with people like Eric make comments. I 100 percent hate to open an e-mail, read a comment, and realize the person had one goal, they want to disprove what I wrote. Instead of just reading it as another opinion, they want to negate my opinion. Like a child in the terrible twos, they want to disagree.

Germans are like this, they tend to disagree, it is one of my least favorite culture unless I need something done perfectly.

My business problem was my fear of opening e-mails, I still did it, but it was getting to me after 10 years of Blogging. I am tired or reading the negative ones.

My friend Richard in Panajachel always gave me a stupid answer, he said,
"Just do not read them,"
But how do I know they are negative until I open them. And because I can read at the speed of light, I had already read them, either I do my job, or I avoid my job, I need to read all my e-mails.

A week ago, we implemented a system, whereby I can ban a person forever from making a comment on the Blog. I woke up this morning excited to write a Blog, excited to say what I wanted to say, with no fear of comments on the Blog. I never fear normal e-mail, if bad, I make a filter and send to trash automatically.

Why are you avoiding phone calls.

Why are you avoiding e-mails.

Why are you NOT avoiding Facebook? 

Nobody on Facebook requires you to answer or think, if you do not get on it for days, there is nothing going to happen.

Avoiding Problem Solving

At the end of the day, your life is out of balance, too many e-mails, so you just stop reading them completely. You cannot type in the first place, then why have an e-mail account? It is rather hopeless...

Telephone Calls
I am really baffled with this one, I think it is to ways, there are people who call you up that annoy you, but you feel you need to talk.

The truth is, you are so stressed, you cannot manage calls, you need to lower the amount of things you do until you can answer all phone calls, it is easy to talk.

The Blessing I have been given:

I have been granted a brain that is constantly trying to make life simpler, I do not look for turmoil. Yes, there are problems that we cannot avoid. Married people have to deal with problems, and children never stop.

I have been blessed with the ability to let my Yes, be Yes, or my No, be No, because I am an honest person, and it is the solution to all problems.

I am truly grateful to for a solution to comments, I know a few of you think Freedom of Speech means that everyone needs to listen to your whining, but a solid no stops all whining.

I am able to work on the beach, because it is yes I work, and no I do not work, I do not play games, I do not into a Starbucks to work, but I really wanted to play. I do not try to to type on a computer, while I am talking with you on the phone I let my yes be yes, all else is dishonest, not a pure attempt to do something.

Purity is needed in life, pure movement, the clarity of the path.

I have been hearing all my life, do one thing at a time, and do it correct. I am surrounded by idiots believing they can multitasks, and all I see is humanity becoming more and more confused and doing nothing well.

It is insane, the repeat the same rituals daily in a state of rage.

I have to admit though, 85 percent of the planet does understand how to do nothing well and enjoy it, while the developed countries like the USA and Europe fall into an oblivion where everyone is overwhelmed. The brag about being too busy, this is insantity ran amuck.

Do less, simplify you life until you are not avoiding anything, and if you must deal with something, strive to make a solution that works, do not tolerate a problem for the rest of your life, let a no be no, and a yes be yes.

I am so happy today to ban comment from some people forever, your bad day taken out on me, is never going to happen more than once. Respect for a person is always respectful, and boundaries are boundaries.

How to Get Control of your time and our life
Playa Sosua, or Sosua Beach a cliche photo.
Playa Alicia in Sosua Dominican Republic