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Travelers Need 2-3 Jobs or Sources of Income

Finding a new mobile job can take years to develop, therefore 2-3 jobs is needed so if one of the jobs fails, there is a backup source of income.

I am 55 years old, in another seven years at age 62 I will be able to collect Social Security. Presently I earn advertising money from two web site, and, I feel 80 percent sure this will continue until I die, but there are no guarantees in life.

My goal is to feel financially secure.

Recently I sold 300 USD dollars worth of movies, this is two months rent in my great room here in Guatemala with WIFI, Cable TV, etc. However, if I wanted, it is easy to find a room here in Guatemala for 50 USD per month, and this is possible in close to 150 other countries on the planet.

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I am self-employed, and normally when a person is self-employed there are times when we make a bigger than normal deal, more money than normal. This is when would move in the future. For example, a company offered me 600 USD to have a link on one of my Blog post, this would pay for a plane ticket to about anywhere.

I presently have two forms of income:

1. Internet advertising.
2. Sale of Movies

I am going to finish a book soon, and this would create a third form of income, but I will truly be happy when I start collecting Social Security.

On the main page of this section of is a list of jobs that traveler or people who live anywhere can do.
List of Jobs

Saving money is a good job also:

The most ignored job is saving money, I work very hard at saving money, and do not just buy a cup of one dollar coffee without thinking. I know that three dollars is my daily rent on the planet.

The biggest financial error made on the planet it signing a lease, mortgage, or contract that says you promise to pay X amount of money per month. This completely removed your abilty to earn less, it is a horrible thing to do. Therefore, in a way, I see saving money as a type of job, it is what makes me able to travel the world, it is not the earning money, it is my job of saving money. I work hard at living within my means, this is being an adult and using common sense, and very rare indeed.

Please look at the list of mobile jobs for foreigners, if none of these apply, then please add a job that you know is mobile. At the end of the day, all foreigners living overseas must be entrepreneurs and design there own job.

However, being retired and collecting a pension or Social Security is also great.



Social Security will be anything but "great." Don't count on SocSec. for more than 30 of a 20deg N. - 20 deg.S overseas retirement plan. The constant dollar buying power of $500/mo.budget is going to require like $1,500 within a few years. Social Security is a $100 Trillion Ponzi scheme waiting to fall on the head of the U.S. dollar. Currently, between the unemployed receiving benefits, and the 15 of the population that is = 65 y.o.are receiving nearly a $1.2T in government pensions and benefits. 74M more baby boomers are on the way. The USD is facing a collapse in buying power. In my opinion, within 5 years, the USD denominated pensions are going to crushed. The easiest route was taken by U.S.voters, and now the consequences are about to be experienced.

Phil J

Social security is a compact that the people of the United States voluntarily made, with the older generation. Virtually all civilized countries have the same compact with their older citizens.
It will not go away tomorrow or be taken away by slick snake oil salesmen.The social security ious that the federal government holds cannot be defaulted on. An ammendment of the us constitution says that any and all federla bills have to be paid and they cannot pick and choose which ones. They all have to be paid.
The older generation who are the present beneficiaries of the system watch it like a hawk. And they vote. Ergo it will be there. Or if it is not, a whole bunch of politicians will be looking for a job as the new greeter at walmart.
No sane civilized country the size of the United States wants millions of older people, moms, dads, grandparents, starving and living in the streets. It just is not good press. LOL

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