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Travel Blog Post about Changing Plugs by Andy Lee Graham

I can live on 500 USD per month, because I have the ability to change an electrical plug.

Electrical plug budget

The travel budget is going to be triple for a person who cannot or will not fix things. If you cannot or will not fix or repair things like an electrical plug, then your budget is going to be triple, compared to the person who can or will.

I am in a Hotel room that only has electricity about 8 hour per day. Where there is no electricity Dominican Republic, then we are on batteries with an inverter.



It is not adventursome to change out an electricaal plug without turning off the electricity. If it is possible to turn off the electricity and you do not, that is what stupid people do.

And, it is not an adventure or brave to jump from a bungy cord when there is no real danger. I carry lightbulbs in a plastic cup, inside my plastic 5 gallon bucket made from a vegetable oil container.

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