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Amazon.com is "NOW" Probably a Good Way to Earn Money for Perpetual Travel

Moving from place to place makes earning money to live horrendously difficult.

Fri, 1 Jun 2012 00:59:35


I would like to recommend, maybe promote perpetual travel.

But, you need money, you have to want to make money.

First of all, I do NOT want to recommend you go on a never-ending sightseeing vacation, you will go crazy for sure. People in the USA work all year long in anticipation of a two week vacation. This pent up frustration and anger in many ways, is then transformed into a truly great vacation.

But, I want you to take a moment, a truthful moment, I want you to introspect, I want you to examine what really happened.

What happened?  You was so unbelievable tired of working, of being responsible of doing the right things, that the "Two Weeks Vacation" was guaranteed to be wonderful.

Two weeks of entertainment, two weeks of not needing to prioritize your life is a wonderful feeling. That was a vacation from torture, it is not possible, it was a long-deserved vacation.

Perpetual travel is the cessation of prioritizings, it is a lifestyle where you as Tim Ferriss tries his to explain, a lifestyle that allows you to be in control of your "W's."

Perpetual travel allows you to control the "Who, when, where, what, why" and when you are really good, the "How much?"

I believe Tim Ferriss is a workaholic, I believe he cannot stop moving or he would go nuts, truly addicted to making noise in his head, and the accumulation of money. He is the epitome of the American Culture on steroids. But he is a genius, in a promoter sort of way, and I can extract his genius, without becoming entangled. Learn about his idea of controlling the "W's" which he did while on vacation, but return to the USA, and is again a workaholic.

Perpetual travel is best done by living three months in a location, then when bored you move on. Generally, people make lame commitments all their life, they marry for life, they get a career for life, they promise to pay a 30 year mortgage and will say, "this is the last house I will ever buy."

99 percent of the time, the break these commitments, if you are the person that did not break them, then perpetual travel is not for you. If you accept, that I am describing you, then perpetual travel is for you, a great lifestyle.


But if you can accept you have always broken, always said one thing, and did another, then perpetual travel will set you free to stop lying to yourself. You can live for three months, then move on, it is freedom from commitments that leave you always wanting.

MONEY from RETIREMENT or Social Security, Pensions etc.

Obviously, if you are willing to work 30 years, change jobs all the time, change wives, change, change, and more change until you hack out 30 years of work. Then you can go be a perpetual traveler extremely easy, with your residual income, that pension or Social Security.

However, if you are young, there is an Amazon.com Sales Job Now Available

Moving, it truly hinders sales, you cannot move away in the middle of a sale. There are jewelry sales people who are perpetual traveler all over the planet, but they are nomadic only in the sense, that they go from extreme tourist spot to the next extreme tourist spot. They sell trinket like handmade products to tourists on an buying binges. These people must live where their clients frequent, inside the tourist bubble.

But, I suspect the are some of the most free people on the planet, truly nomadic, truly living day to day, without a care, sort of great gypsies.

Nomadic Perpetual Traveler

I suspect this girl is a "perpetual traveler" but, does not know it, she is just a normal jewelry sales person who is doing what many do in the hippie havens around the planet.

However, she is not free to travel anywhere, it just is not possible to sell on the streets in any country, and anywhere, but it does work rather well in Central and South America.

Time to toe the line and accept we all are in the sales business.

People despise sales people and it is easy to understand, we are constantly surrounded by liars trying to get us to buy something. When a person applies for a job, and wants to sell himself or herself to me, they consider it acceptable to lie, it is amazing how well the normal person lies.

A truly great sales person does not lie, it is just the bad salespeople who lie.

We sell ourselves to our potential wives, we sell ourselves to the job, we try to sell the idea we are poor to the car sales person, so he or she gives us a better deal.

If you can accept you are a natural born salesperson, all people are, or they are just labor or grunts, then Amazon.com now is offering something for you.

Amazon.com will "Inventory" your Product

Now, having one of them stores, like this link I about to show you is a HORRIBLE lie of a way to make money. I have one, but have yet to make my 200 USD to get paid in 10 years. Maybe you can earn 5 cents per click, if you are a GREAT liar, I do not promote, exaggerate, etc, so earn almost nothing on this link.


I use it to tell folks what I recommend, but without the lie, nothing truly sells, therefore I make almost nothing on that page. And for years, Amazon.com has encouraged people like me to make nothing. Plus, the pennies I make are not substantial enough to live.

NOW Amazon.com has Fulfillment of Orders, and Inventory of Products

I have tried for a couple of years to convince Richard who stays in Panajachel to write about Amazon.com. He is living proof that you can make money on Amazon.com now. He buys low, and sells higher.

I want to give people a bone to chew on, I am trying to chew on the same bone, but have not proven it yet, but Amazon.com is a solution to the need for money as a perpetual traveler.

You can do this with Amazon.com

1 Buy a product anywhere you want, that is incredible cheap, it needs to have a bar code on it.

2. Send a bunch of them to Amazon.com.

3. Amazon.com will put them into a warehouse, ready to ship. (You do not need to carry them with you on your journey.)

4. You make a page, or find the same product, then click on "Sell Yours Here."

WARNING: You cannot travel, and ship out products, inventorying products, and trying to send them quickly is a great way to get a bad rating.

You may be able to stay in one location for three months and get this done.

I warn you, you do not get second changes on your sales reputation. You can sell a product for 5 times the good price and have a good sales reputation. But if you ship is out slow, you are doomed.

5. Buy low and sell high, you can walk into Dollar Tree, buy a bunch of cheap stuff and sell it.

Can you spot a bargain?

My mother is the champion of finding bargains, she can spot the extremely under priced item at 50 yards. 1 in 50 people are great at this.

This is called "Retail Arbitrage," I think, and I hope Richard corrects this post.

My Own Invented Products

I will take this to the next level, I am going to sell products I have found on the planet, very unique, impossible to buy anywhere but where I found them. I have this one great product from Africa, that is truly great for travel.

I have invented a few, now I can put them in a package, put a bar code on them, and send them to Amazon.com. They will keep them in inventory, and fulfill the order when they sell. I will need to return to the country where I purchased, or make a few more once in awhile, but that is OK, I can still travel.

Two Books to Buy on how to Sell on Amazon.com

Go to this link, and you can buy 3 books on how to sell products, and become that romantic thing, called a perpetual traveler. One is by Tim Ferris, at the end of his book he goes into great detail on how to sell on line. He is quite genius, but truly not to be trusted with your girlfriend.

There are two others, directly related to Amazon.com



Andy Lee Graham

This cute girl from Finland sells "Whatevers" in Panajachel, Guatemala, I am not sure, she may have moved on.

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