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Advice for Single Mom to Travel the World and Wants to Blog

How to earn Money for Perpetual Travel as blogger or with web site?

Mon, 16 Apr 2012 03:34:59

Reader Question:

Hi Andy
About to travel the world as a single Mum and want to Blog. can you advise please - is a web-site better or blogspot. I need to raise as much money as a can as we want to travel for years if we can so need to make the right decision at the start. Also how do you get the advertising on your web-page, I would also be interested to read about how you define USA travel in your own camper to be $500 a month - many thanks - love reading your adventures, Ruth

Ruth J.


Hello Ruth,

Unfortunately, in way you need both, you are going to need a domain, for example, I have HoboTraveler.com.

I recommend you use Godaddy.com, they have the least chance of going out of business. Do not use any cheapo, cheapo Domain register, they go out of business and not worth the five dollar savings. Plus do not allow a webmaster to do this, you must, and need control over your Domain name, you need to register it yourself. Webmasters will do this for you, and make it impossible to use another person or company.

Single mom


When someone says they want to Blog, I ask the question,
"Do you want to be a writer?"

If the answer is no, then you are not going to Blog, a Blog is about writing, and you need to want to write. But you can start a Blog, and stop, if you want, 99 percent of people do stop, so you are not alone, but 1 in 1000 succeed.

I recommend you use Wordpress.org for your "Content Management System." If you learn this, it will also create the web site.

Do not use Blogspot, you can never leave, because the URL is always a BlogSpot, it is good for those who do not want to earn money.

How to earn money?

Google the words "Google Adsense." This is owned by Google, and by putting code into the page, it will automatically serve ads, then send you a check at the end of the month.

How to Travel Blog for money?

The optimal way to earn money as a traveler is to visit every single tourist attraction and write nice, never negative information about them. Who, when, where, why, what, how, and how much, and always support the tourist industry who are buying the ads. Then you must romanticize the trip, make it an adventure, and never admit to any problems or frustrations.

Travel Writer can live for free in Hotels if they are always nice, and are willing to write postively about the Hotels, Resorts, or Tours.

Stop into every TV, Radio, Newspaper, etc, and tell them what you are doing, and try to get them to write about you.

90 percent of readers of Travel Blogs are temporarily getting on a Travel Blog to plan their trip. They want to read only information that supports their decisions, this is why you cannot report anything negative. They got on the Travel Blog because they already made up their mind, they are just wanting to be patted on the back.

Note, I do none of the above, I try to make it more as a writer, or columnist, someone who moralizes and explains how to live, real life.

At the end of the day, it is best to find a web site style to copy, then copy until you know why you are copying.

Why 500 USD in America as Budget?

In the USA, I hope to budget for this USA road trip:

Gas per day 3

Food per day 5

Showers per day: 3

Miscellaneous 2

13 USD per day, X 30 is: 390

If you drink Beer, then normally a person needs to double their Travel Budget.

Note, the slower you go, the cheaper the travel, find a cheap location, then only move when you know the cost of the next location clearly.

If there are two people, you need to double the budget, or at least 1.5 it.


Andy Graham




Single Mom to Travel the World.

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