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The End of E-mail And There is No Replacement

3-5 years ago there was a reasonable chance people checked their e-mail daily, now it is weekly, effectively removing e-mail as a primary way to talk.

Sun, 4 Sep 2011 12:43:00

The majority of people have stopped checking their e-mail or manage their account so badly that e-mail is now a failed form of communication.

I have been traveling the planet for 13 years, and I used to think communicating with family and friends was important. Ever since Facebook started to dominate, e-mail has become almost hopeless.

I used to trust e-mail, the majority of my friends would read and reply. I no longer trust them to return in less than one-week.

Luckily, Skype telephone calls are easy now, I now assume I must call a person to insure we are communicating.

I do not believe there is anyway to insure I can communicate with other people. Instead of reaching out and communicating with people all over the planet, I have reverted back to only talk to real people in person.

This is strange, we are not communicating better, we have less true access, and tons of ambient, that was never my goal.

The End of E-mail And There is No Replacement

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