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We appreciate people who donate to Hobo Traveler, and we want to formally thank them. Generous, people are good people to follow follow the links to their profile so you can follow them on Hobo Traveler. Thank you, Andy Lee Graham, and Andrew Suares


Thank you, we wish to include everyone, if your name is missing below, just write Andy Lee Graham and he will make the correction:   Contact Andy

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Donate Monthly:
Xavieronassis   Richard E- February 2020
Sammie A.  Sammie Patreon December 27, 2019
Karen8265  - Karen 2019 October
Trinie99801 - Kathleen - Patreon 2019 November

Direct Donation:
Harold H February 2020
Donald A February 2020
Kurt56  Kurty B February 2020
Edgar52  Edgar February 2020
Ray62       Raymond R. January 26, 2020
Irwin M.  December 17, 2019
Benjamin66 - A Bruce B.  2019 October
Cdferelli - Connie F. 2019 October
TimStriff - Tim S. 2019 October
Dougadams - Doug A. 2019 November
Julieh - Julie H.
Nomadic Giant - Jeff P
Same - Gene S.
Senior Itinerants - Tom, and Paula - 2019 October
Trinie99801 - Kathleen 2019 

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