Making Live Links in Comments


1. I want to make this link: I want to put clickable links in comments of blogs
- This will help your page rank.

How to make a link like this: Andy Blog

2. Copy this code to the comment area.

<a href="01">02</a>

3. Replace the 01 with a FULL LINK

<a href="01">02</a>

This is correct:

<a href="">Andy Blog</a>

Do NOT use this type of link:, I must be the full path.

4. Replace 02 with TITLE

Therefore I could make

01 =

02 = Andy Travel Blog

5. IT would look like this in code:

<a href="">Andy Blog</a>

6. Example of how it should look in the comments:

Andy Blog

NOW ... PLEASE make them links easy for us to click on and visit your site.

Note, the name defines your page for the search engine. So my link says, I am a travel blog, so choose your name with some thought, and help define the theme to help the search engines.

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