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USA - Land of Innovation and Invention

The USA is the land of invention, where people dream of coming up with the "next great idea" that will make them millionaires.

Fri, 31 May 2013 03:28:56

The world at large mines the USA for new inventions. Other countries are watching, waiting and ready to act. It is actually amazing how well China can take a new invention, copy it, produce thousands and even sell it back to the USA. Generally, the USA (or other developed nations) invents products, and the underdeveloped nations manufacture them. The USA is the brains, and the poorer countries are the factory.

USA Inventors and Inventions

Traveling the Planet Is Time Travel

If we venture out to travel the planet, we can look at various countries and ask the question: "When was the USA about the same?"

The graph above is from a page, the "Diffusion_of_Innovations"

4 Factors That Effect Diffusion of Innovations:

1. The new idea, the innovation

2. How it is communicated to people

3. How much time it takes

4. The country, the culture, the religion and the class of people

4 Ways the Time Traveler – the World Traveler – Experiences This

1. I cannot buy what I want.

2. They do not even know what I want to buy.

3. It will take weeks to buy that. I may as well wait and buy it when I return to the USA.

4. They just do not care. I am going back to the USA, where I can buy what I want and get it over with.

We should (and do) have fun traveling the planet, but maybe we should also be grateful that we Americans and Europeans – often the people who speak English – are innovators and inventors.

Now the big question is: Who is going to make the money in the future, the inventors or the owners of the factories?

Life is good for the innovators.


Andy Lee Graham

USA the Land of Innovation and Inventions.