Mount Everest Base Camp Self Made Tour


Everest Base Camp
Self Made Tour
Booking your trip from Katmandu, Nepal

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I am writing this or taking notes while in Kathmandu collecting information how how to go to Everest Base Camp when I return the next time. This is more or less for the person that does not want to book from the USA and pay a lot money.

You are welcome to join me Andy as I walk to the Everest Base Camp in September of 2004.

There are two ways you can go.
1. Fly from Kathmandu to Lukla and then walk for about a week to the Everest Base Camp.
2. Walk from X the long route?

To Andy:
500 Dollars as arrange the fun fee for me.

Estimated cost: 50-150 Dollars for everything.

Plane to Kathmandu from your home country.

Write, pay, or send money on this link: CONTACT ANDY

I would book with this company, it is for students, but they also will find cheap flights for any age person. I definitely would shop around no matter what you do. I would say that or would be the cheapest. Trailfinders is pretty much only for England. Learn about consolidator fares.


I will be in Kathmandu for one month before we leave.

What the expedition will do: This trip is meant to be for fun, so there will be lots of daily group activities, but you will also have free time to explore

Daily Breakfast at 7:00-8:00 AM at pre-determined and group chosen restaurant in Kathmandu,
Daily Dinner 7:00-8:00 PM at pre-determined and group chosen restaurant in Kathmandu.

Daily Breakfast and Dinner as a group on the path.

I will make webpage with about 100 photos per day of all the members of expedition for your family and friends to see.

We will have a daily rap session or group talks about subjects like:

Poverty in Nepal
History of Nepal
Mount Everest and how and why people climb this mountain.

I will make sure you:
Get on the bus, get on the plane, and talk with the guides.

I will give you an itinerary of trip one month before trip, and daily itineraries.

I will update this as time goes along and the trip approaches, but realize you can rent everything for the trip including jackets and clothing in Katmandu.

WHEN: 1ST OF September: This date may change so do not book plane ticket until definite or this page is updated and says exact times.

HOW LONG TO PLAN FOR YOUR TRIP? This is minimums times, but I recommend more time.
15 Days for those that fly to Luklow
30 Days for those that walk.

5 - Star People
If you want me to take care of everything and make your life extremely, extremely, easy. The cost is 500 per day for me and you pay all additional cost and I make you 5 star easy and book everything for you.

VISA: At the border. You need maybe two passport photos and 30 Dollars US in cash. Note that this changes, and you may need to check travel agent for possible changes.

So to book you either need to pay: 500

Map... Not the best, but starts, this was my journey to Tibet and the Trans Siberian Railway
Nepal - Location of 2004 the route or path.

WHEN: - Note: I am taking notes and they could be WRONG

I believe you can go to the camp any time of the year, but if you wish to talk with the Everest Climbing Expeditions you need to go from or they leave for the climb:
April - May
Sept - October


Kathmandu Hotel in Thamel - Ask for this place with a taxi and start your search for Hotels from there. It is in Thamel, or off of Thamel Street. Everyone in Kathmandu talks of the tourist area as Thamel. Kathmandu is very safe and you can just walk away from Thamel in any direction and find cheaper and cheaper accommodations.

Where the 4-5 Star Tours stay in Kathmandu

  1. Vaishale - In the center of Thamel and acceptable, but the price should be no more than 80 US.
  2. Yake Yete  - Not on my list because away from Thamel
  3. Del Anapura - Not on my list because away from Thamel
  4. Kathmandu Guesthouse or
    In the very center Thamel  and sort of has price for everyone.


Buy or go to the library and get a guidebook such as the Lonely Planet, Roughguide or Footprints.

  1. I stay here and would say is good, you must negotiate a little and ask for the cheaper room or he will upgrade you. It can probably be full all the time without a reservation.

If you book the guide from Kathmandu the price is about 30 Dollars per day, plus if you go by plane the price of the plane ticket.

PAY: 400 Rupees for ONE DAY or about 6 dollars. They will carry your bags.

Nepal is absolutely a negotiation city. People have ask me as much as 10 times the price. Be very careful in buying things. I would say that the price of things is 10 times cheaper than in the USA or Europe. Ask 5 place then about 1/2 of whatever they ask is correct and according to how naive and touristy you look.


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