Travel - Tourist - Traveller

  1. Leave your door un-locked when you go to the toilet in the middle of night. People wait for the person to leave and then enter. (India)
  2. Having sex with a local person and they rob you.
  3. Placing your small bag above the seat in the rack. - Put is under the seat or on your lap.
  4. When you arrive in a city by bus, train, plane, etc. and you walk to the Hotel with your full backpack or luggage. It is better to take a taxi.
  5. Walking around look for a cheap room with all your gear.
  6. Putting you luggage down anywhere in public. You will look the other way and some one grabs it and runs. Especially dangerous in small parks across from bus stations, or areas outside a train or bus station. It is the time you just get off the plane, bus, or train and are confused.
  7. Walking in the local market by pick-pockets.
  8. Being drunk on alcohol and walking home.
  9. Walking between Midnight and Sunrise.
  10. Renting a room that does not have a hasp. So you cannot use your own lock and the cleaning people or the management rob you.


  1. Prostitutes
  2. People sneak into your room and rob you.


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