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Threats to Break My Legs in Dominican Republic is Annoying

I have started to doing research, I want to know which Expat location on the planet has the most deaths per year, I am sure Dominican Republic is high.

Sun, 20 Nov 2011 02:18:33

Murder in Dominican Republic

Sosua, Dominican Republic is one of the best places to work on the Internet as a Digital Nomad on the planet --- I can get off the plane, find a room with a stove to cook and high speed Internet for 300-400 per month USD easily. The place is so overbuilt with Hotels and Apartments, monthly rentals are incredibly easy.

Great beach, but the number of Gringos getting killed here is amazing, I think there must be two per month on average. I have traveled perpetually for over 14 years and visited 90 countries, I never hear of Gringos or foreigner getting killed even remotely close to me.

Pattaya in Thailand has maybe a lot, but that is a lot bigger city than Sosua.

Break My Legs Story:

I do not drink, smoke dope, or do all the debauchery that Sosua is know for, I do not Gamble, I am not a saint, but I definitely did not come from the same family as 90 percent of the guys here. (This is an adult community, not very good for girls. hehehe.)

I come here to lie on the beach and work on my computer cheaply.

Ok, I am really, incredibly bored with the central city Sosua locals, they are brutes and scream or push "Change," "Moto," "Massage" at me, at every step inside central Sosua. Therefore, I have been getting on the very convenient collectivo taxis that go between local cities.

I have visited, Montellano twice, truly a nice village with a park, a real local place and they do not annoy me.

I visited La Union, what looks like a big yellow apartment complex, very boring, and very boring, and very boring.

Sosua Abajo is close, sort of ok, but not much to see.

Charamicos is cool, but more or less the same people as Sosua.

Ok, Puerta Plata Yesterday

It  cost 20-25 Pesos to go to most of these locations, which is less than one dollar, but to got o Puerta Plata is 40-45, according to the gouge and how well you speak Spanish, I am fluent. (Not that they speak Spanish here, it is some form of slang, not accent, badly pronounced, close to Cuba Spanish.)

I go to Puerta Plata, my Sciatica is screaming bad, I get out of the taxi, I am happy. There are these gingerbread houses, about the same as the one I seen in Haiti, a much more interesting country to visit. The central parks is clean, open, and I am happy enough. Instantly a black man comes up, speaking perfect Spanish, and tells me where to go and which directions to walk.

I say,
"Tu estas un Guia?"
"No yo trabajo con tourismo."

Are you a guide, no I work with tourism.

I have no idea what that means, but he was nice, and maybe he worked for the tourist department. I talked French with him, he did not understand, I wanted to know his cultural background, the more black they are, the more likely they are Haitian living in the DR.

Dominican Republic is about a 50 percent Black Africa, mixed with 50 percent Spanish, they are Mulattoes, there are almost no Mestizos here, because there were almost no indigenous that survived Christopher Columbus's diseases.

I like Haitians better than DR People

I find the Haiti culture softer, and less sneaky, therefore normally the blacker the person the person the more i like them, more culturally compatible. Sosua is a tourist trap, and the people have become over the top aggressive, too bad, it is a great setting.

OK, so the tourist guy was nice, polite and helpful, and I never found out anything he wanted, that took less than five minutes to deal with him. I then walked over and purchased one banana for five pesos. I started walking toward the gingerbread gazebo in the center of the plaza. Another black man come up to me, both of these guys are under 30, the polite one was talk and lanky, the smaller one had on jean, and T-shirt. He started talking English.

I took my index finger, and waved at him, saying in my best Spanish body language, I do not want, he continued to talk. I said,
"Por favor, yo no quiero ayudar."

Please, I do not want help.

He talked English, I said please, I just want to wander around, he looked at me with anger, and I stare back. Please leave. He then said a bunch of crap about living in the USA for five years in New York. Well, that does not impress an Indiana farm boy, but it does frame the problem.

I said, I am just walking around, he said,
"Remember, you are in the Dominican Republic."
I said,

He said,
"Careful, I will break you legs."

Well, I can about count the direct threat to me on one hand in 14 years of travel, and guess what, it takes American training to get this violent, nonetheless this is common here, the New York gang member mentality, or he Mexican hip hop, noisy car thing is rampant.

Well, enough for today, this is too stupid, but normal.

I went back to the nice guy, instructed him that the other guy threatened to break my leg, and if he really was working in tourism he should know.

He asked,
"Why are you leaving?"
"I came here for pure fun, this is not fun, therefore I leave."

Many, and incredibly amount of tourist feel this anal desire, this idea that they must get their moneys worth. Then pay to stay in bad tourist situation because they invested money or time in the trip.

Tourism should alway be pure fun, or pure amusement, often angry idiots are fun, but when they go to violent, then I declare no-joy and leave. Sosua is full of aggressive hook hook hook -what is that work in English for women who sell their bodies for 1000-2000 pesos, 30-60 USD --- I can write the word or the search engine edits my page money for me, and denies me pay for ads.

It is fun to watch the hooks in Sosua, hilariously fat sometimes, the Haitians are skinny, another reason for Haiti.

Well, the small man wanted to break my legs, that is nothing.

Two motoconcha guys got shot down the street by the police, then a few days ago a Swiss guy got hit in the head with a hammer.

Everyone blames it on the Haitians, but that is nutty, there is not enough here to kill that many. I am not sure, there are lot of Eastern Europe mafia types here, I think this is half the problem.

One Gringo told me, it is the "Fringe" people, there are Gringos hanging around o the fringe.

Well, the city of Sosua is one big --- B--r--o-thel, so go figure, strange things do happen in houses of disrepute.

Many of the Gringos act as if the city would die without the girls selling themselves, but the beach is great, much better than Cabarete in ways. This village is round, central and walkable, while Cabarete is missing a soul.

Country stop violence, and there is no excuse for this amount of killing of Gringos in a city so small. It would be good city to study for investments, one of these day a big newspaper is going to write about the murders, the Real Estate values will go down half, and great deals will happen for the savvy.

But, I do not recommend anyone buy real estate abroad, it just is not needed, I can rent a home that would sell for 250 K here for 500 USD, do the math, it pays to not buy.

I know of about 10-15 murders in Sosua on the my visits here to Dominican Republic.

I left Guatemala where never a harsh word is heard on Lago Atitlan, and came to the Ghetto. The girls are ugly in Guatemala, but friendly, the girls are pretty here, but not friendly, there is no perfect world, but man flavors.

I am going to try to find out who is the champion foreigner killing city on planet earth. I created a few google alerts, "Expat murdered," "Foreigner killed." and will get e-mails from Google,, after a year I would get a good handle.

I think: My Top Five Best Places to Get Killed as Tourist Cities

1. Mexico, the Rape is Rampant, and many disappear in the whole country.
2. Pattaya Thailand
3. Sosua, Dominican Republic
4. Angeles City, Philippine
5. San Jose, Costa Rica

It is not Africa, and Thailand is very safe, except for Pattaya.

Hang around with criminals, and you will have problems.



Threats to Break My Legs in Dominican Republic is Annoying