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Map of The Gun Massacres in the USA

Dangers in life, but this one is small, about the same as getting hit by lightning.

Fri, 20 Jul 2012 03:59:48


Lightning struck again yesterday in Aurora, Colorado
14 dead, 50 wounded in shooting at Colorado theater, police chief says

Map of Breakouts of Rage in the USA using Guns
Do not be alarmed by this map, the chances of you being involved in a future shooting is about the same as getting hit by lightning. However, these killings is a symptom of rage that is infesting the USA. Rage is a form of anger that manifest itself in resentments, these constant re-feeling of specific angers need to be vented.

Normally, they are inward or outward, the person either kills himself, or wants to kill  others. The human mind is strong, it will induce many people like this to become hermits to protect them.

Here is a list of Postal Killing

There are rat experiments where they over-the rats, the rats become all sort of things, they stop being heterosexual, and start killing each other. I believe this rage is a symptom of over stimulation, overwhelming, basically multi-tasking on steroids, people are trying to do too much. The solution is to move away from the large cities with your families, and do less, find simple pleasure, that is understandable.

Andy Lee Graham World Traveler

View US gun massacres in a larger map

Map of the gun massacres in the USA