Dangers of Travel

Travel Dangers Blog - A list of identifiers of Danger for Tourist and Travelers so they make it home alive, safe, and not robbed.


Danger of Dying - Highest to Lowest: This is what is the most dangerous activity, what happens most is different.

  1. Performing extreme forms of help for a culture:
    It is dangerous to make a group feel inadequate or as if they do not compete well in society. To tell the whole city by an act of generosity they are poor is dangerous, yes, they appreciate in a way, but in another way you are telling them they cannot take care of their families.

  2. Walking Home After Midnight
    Drunk behavior is dangerous
  3. Walking down the Road
  4. Riding Bike
    Bikes compete with cars, trucks for space, because you do not have the right away, they will run over you.
  5. Renting Motorcycle
    This is only for extremely experienced Motocycle drivers.
  6. Having Sex with Girl with Boyfriend
  7. Going into a competing business with Locals
    If you cause a person to lose income to the point of going out of business.
  8. Police Kill you
  9. A Mob or Riot comes to the house you own, you fight back and they kill you in envy.
  10. Renting a car versus.
  11. Driving a privately owned car.
  12. Taxis
  13. Buses
  14. Trains
First - Somalia, there is no real government.
2nd - DRC Congo - the corruption is very high.
3rd. - Any tribal situation, mostly in Africa, Amazon Basin or Papua New Guinea area, if you are alone, and taking photos, they can become very superstitious and start to gossip, which leads to death.
4th - Mongolia is dangerous, it is fighting, wrestling and boxing culture, they will engage in this manner.
5th - Mexican Police, some of the most abusive on the planet.

I want to say, driving a rental care into a large American city at night, right into the ghetto by accident can be fatal.

1. Road between La Paz, Bolivia and Coroico, it is a gravel road with small waterfalls that constantly wipe out the road.
2. Above 4500 meters high, mostly Nepal, etc.
3. Walking along any road in the world.
4. Houses on Lago Atitlan during a large rain storm, there are mud slides.
5. Boats going from Manila to the Island in the Philippines, they tip over a lot.

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DANGER - Types of Danger for traveler or tourist
     Ferry Capsize or Sink - Amazon River - Mekong - Philippines
     Car Accidents
     Ran over by car - (I believe this is most dangerous situation for travelers.)
     Kidnapped and killed
     Raped and killed
     Airplane Crash
     Bus Crash
     Train Crash

SCAM - Submit Scams
     Taxi Scams
     Timeshare Scams
     Jewelry Scams
     Tour Scams
     Hotel Scams
     Airline Scams
ATM SCAM ALERT - Contributed by Lynn



City Crime Rankings by Morgan Quitno Corporation, this company publishes  an annual reference book


travelbuddylock.com Anti Door Entry

Terrorists do not distinguish between official and civilian targets, although this type of danger is probably the smallest worry for travelers, you are probably more likely to get hit by lightening, but if you a worried my recommendation is to not drive a rental car, live in 5 Star Hotels, or stay in one place more than three night, be irregular or unpredictable in your travel, and do not have a translator or guide. Be part of the local population and do not represent western values.


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Dangers of Travel

Travel Dangers Blog - A list of identifiers of Danger for Tourist and Travelers so they make it home alive, safe, and not robbed.

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Travel Dangers

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