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I Love It, Donald Trump Is Most Dangerous Man Alive

I truly enjoy watching Donald Trump in action it like a big spider catching flies, he lays down his nets, and the foolish flies fly right in, get captured, and Mr. President eat them.

Wed, 15 Apr 2020 04:42:39

Donald Trump is a Dangerous Man
He is brash, loud, maybe arrogant, and probably deserves to have unlimited love for himself, is self-confidence when everyone around him is trying to destroy him, is, well, sort of amazing to me, a person who like sociology, and psychology.

Why do so many people hate him?

I think is quite simple; there are people who are always being sneaky, around 50 percent of the people on the planet. Like saying, "We all are sinners." Well, for sure, a sneaky, agenda person, with bad intentions would be scared shitless.

Donald Trump is super dangerous for a certain people.

There are people in continuous lie, platitude, and suck mode, who always say good things, always make us feel good, but we know, they are full of bullshit, but they are fun, easy to talk with, and don't annoy us, there continue sucking up makes us feel good.

Yet, what is the worst thing that can happen to a person?

To be proven to be a liar, so the liars call Donald Trump a liar, 

Yes, he is super dangerous to politicians, new reporters, and you people out their with bad intentions. As for me, he is my Hero, smack them down Donald, kick their butts.

Thanks for being a President, that is not a pussy.

Your friend, Andy Lee Graham

Beware - People will bad intentions, that suck up!!

Oh yea, if you are incompetent, he will fire you... meaning, all of the USA government is in trouble, and scared of Donald.

Donald Trump