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Broken Car Window In Africa Keeps Me Young At Heart - Dangers

20 percent of you will make great members on HoboTraveler.com, the others will not know the plot... Life is good. Thank you, Andy Lee Graham in Africa.

Fri, 23 Apr 2021 22:34:10

Broken Window in Africa is Fountain of Youth

A dog attacks you.

You slam on your brakes, and almost hit a car.

Or, you are in a car accident.

A person attacks you on Twitter, Facebook, and you attack back. 

You stop at the bar, get totally pissed drunk, wake up with a hangover.

Husband and Wife scream at each other, there is a huge fight.

OR we can….

Bungee cord jumps from a bridge.

Scuba dive down to 100 feet.
Ride a bike 50 miles down the road, as semis pass you.

Have an adulterous sexual relationship with a fellow worker

Or we can travel....

Personally, I like traveling, it is simple, thrilling, and gives me an endorphin rush, nothing better than entering a new city, checking into a new hotel, and not having a reservation, living by my wits, I know, “No risk, no rush.”

We will find “Broken Windows.”

I am in Togo, West Africa, and the easy public transport between cities is similar to hitchhiking. I go to ad hoc locations, where drivers congregate, and wait for passengers. 80 percent of the station wagons are called “Sept Places,” because they seat 7-10 people in the car, and have broken windows. 60 percent have exhaust fumes entering the passenger compartment, and 100 percent have a driver that is happy to overcharge a “Yevo,” white man in local Ewe Language People get a rush from cheating others, getting over on them, taking advantage, it is the way of the world.

Why get in a car with broken windows?

Truly, I have little choice, there are few other options that are expedient. Most Yevo here in Togo own a car, and work for an aid organization, NGO, non-governmental organization, tourists are rare. NGO’s travel as tourists is normal.

When I travel around in most cities, I must take a motorcycle taxi, and I am thinking to myself, this nutrilon deprived driver, with slow wits is making decisions that can kill me 10 times faster than Covid-19. Life is good.

I am Master

I am the master of my fate, I decided if I am to enter a car with a broken window. I decide, if the motorcycle taxi is to be trusted. Yet, what is fun, 90 percent of the Yevo in this country are as dumb as the locals I often see 2 white people on the back end of a motorcycle, meaning their are 3 people on the bike. I often see them jump on motorcycles, with no mirrors, no helmet, and a rasta idiot driving. Your daughter in Africa is an idiot. (Costa Rica, Europe, Thailand, just insert a country abroad.)

Endorphin Rush, Testosterone Spike, and Whatever Women do…

I am a premeditated endorphin junkie, I travel, because I can.

Premeditated Endorphin Junkie

Are you premeditated? Do you know why you fight with your wife, or husband? Or, are you just reacting to your world? You say, you have no choice, but you do….

I suspect that 80 percent of people just allow the world to happen, they get a rush, and have no introspection on what they are doing. And, then 20 percent are premeditated endorphin junkies. 

We want the 20 percent to join HoboTraveler.com, a social network for endorphin junkies, who are the master of their fate.

React to life, or be proactive. 

Know why you are throwing stones at broken windows.

Andy Lee Graham

Kpalime, Togo, West Africa
Saturday, April 4, 2021

Living in 2500 CFA room, 5 dollars at the Maison des Souere Hotel, a Catholic Nun place to live.

I am here, and you are not, why not?

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