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Andy Lee Graham Travel Writer Attacked and Robbed in Luperon, Dominican Republic March 21, 2012

I have said many times, the Dominican Republic is the most dangerous country I have ever visited of my 90 countries, yesterday the words proved true.

A Dominican Republic man climbed up to my second floor balcony in Luperon, entered the open door, then held a broken bottle towards me. Then said,
"I will not kill you, if you give me what I want."

He was not Haitian.

Age 24-28
3/4 black, mallato.
190 pounds
5 Foot 10 Inches

Wearing a long pair of light blue nylon basketball shorts.

attack dominican republic

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Hi Andy.

I also have followed your blog for years and am constantly impressed by your journeys.

I am sorry to hear of that, but do appreciate you talking about your experience earnestly.

So glad to hear that your laptop and camera were not taken!

Agreed, great idea about stashing money in different places.

This too shall pass, eh?


I am very sorry this happened to you. You handled it really well and prevented it from escalating to an even uglier situation. Please continue taking good care of yourself.


Thanks, I am fine and will leave the DR soon. It was amazing to me the man would climb the wall, climb across another balcony, then enter my room with me awake. The lights were on, and I was working with my computer on my bed. This is a special level of violence. Normally, when someone is robbed, it is in the road, and the person runs away with the money. Or, they rob the room when empty, which is always my primary worry.

Yes, I am ready to return to the USA for my USA Road Trip.


you have just taken the words out of my mouth. Time to leave, as cautiously as possible, Now.. Really, not soon, now. This does not sound random , it sounds personal.. What kind of person is this, "Jennifer'', if this is the sort of people she associates with. It is time for you to go home and be with your family. Take care of yourself. Sorry to hear this. You sound like you are in shock and not dealing with this on an emotional level yet. You did not deserve this, it is ok to be angry. Hire a bodyguard, and leave. Lynn


Andy, check out the cruiseamerica website it had a few good deals you might find interesting, one out of phoenix is free miles and 12 dollars a day, if it will take you anywhere on t
your route that you might like to go


Hi Andy,

I'm so sorry to hear that this has happened to you and I hope you recover quickly from your injuries. My thoughts are with you.


Page Turner

Time to leave. Now, not in a few days. Need to be in familiar surroundings for a bit and give some thoughts to your next move in life.


Andy, so sorry to hear you got attacked and robbed. I bet you don’t feel to great right now and you’re probably in shock about what happened. I’m sure it makes you evaluate your safety a little more from now on. If you look at how many years you have been traveling and living in areas where desperate people live, it’s a wonder you haven’t been robbed more often. I think the locals see you come and go and think to them self, this guy has to have more money then we do and he can afford to loose it, or something like that to justify stealing from you, “the gringo”. Or someone acts like your friend and get to know you a little bit, then gossips about you to someone else in the bar, and then one thing leads to another and you’re a target.

You will learn from this lesson as well and the odds are you wont let it happen again. The main thing is you’re ok and you weren’t hurt too badly, be thankful for that and appreciate the sunset and sunrise a little more from now on.

Yea, I think I’d try to leave town as soon as possible or at least stay in a more secure place.


I am in Cabarete, DR. I own a seaside hotel and your welcome to stay at my place for free to chill out for a while. Its safe and modern. Great internet.



I am glad to hear you are ok.
Frightening to hear and glad it wasn't worse.
It seems you have a lot of good decent human beings that are concerned about you.
I hope your travels out are safe and sound.
May peacefulness reside in you at this time.

Looks like JStrack has got a great offer.

Peace and safety to you.


Thanks JStrack, this is a kind and great offer. I have many friends who live in Sosua, so for a couple of weeks, I will wake up, go to breakfast at the New Garden Hotel and laugh, talk and enjoy talking english. My friends Johnny, Ana, Billy, Eric, David and many others come to breakfast daily. This is one of the great benefits of me visiting Sosua, there is a good core group of regulars.


Yo Dude, Craig Steffen here, I'm planning a trip to Ecuador ,but yon know what ?, I just might change my mind. How can I' talk to you personally about D.R. can I call You ?my number is cell 260-416-9349 in N.E. Indiana USA

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