How to be Macho for safety reasons when traveling?


How to be Macho for safety reasons when traveling?

I would have never thought I would desire to teach men how to be macho, but here goes. Strangely a young couple approached me in India with a problem of how to deal with the men of India accosting the girl. She was quite annoyed that her boyfriend was not able to fend off the annoying men of India. As I talked with the boy I realized he knew nothing about how to be a man in a man's world. The funny part or the reality of India it is not a very macho country, but the people have less social manners.

I am not saying the the behavior below is correct, I am just trying to teach men of the world how the real world behaves. Contrary to popular bullshit advice of the politically correct fruits and nuts of the world most of the world is male dominated and can be extremely intimidating to the weak or feeble mindsets of the world.

A person that is twice your weight will not be reasonable and fair.

Dangerous macho people:
There are people in the world that want to abuse you and exert power or prove they have power, the best defense is understanding.

  1. Religious leaders.
  2. Political bosses.
  3. Police
  4. Military
  5. Border crossings.

When another man approaches:

  1. Need to decide if you are the powerful person or he is the powerful person. If he is the powerful person than you will have to give ground and pay homage.
  2. Better to stop and wait for a more powerful person to walk by.
  3. Macho men ignore other macho men.

With your woman?

  1. When approaching other men you need to hug your girl.
  2. Learn to stare at men.

Walking around:

  1. Macho men look around and scan the area.
  2. Macho men do not look down at the ground all the time.
  3. Macho men let weaker people walk in front of them or before them.
  4. Macho men do not respond quickly to people asking questions.

Ways to be more macho when you just are not macho?

  1. Carry a walking stick.
  2. Walk with a macho or alpha male.
  3. Pretend you are Clint Eastwood or John Wayne.

Talking with other people.

  1. Do not wave or limp wrist your hands.
  2. Do not talk with a high voice.
  3. Talk slowly and look at the other person like you wish to eat them. Make them turn away.

How to know you are afraid?

  1. You are angry.
  2. You are talking way to much.
  3. You are fidgeting or moving around with no purpose.
  4. You are sleeping all the time.

What you should not do in dangerous situations:

  1. Lose your temper.
  2. Run
  3. Start swing or punching, especially first, they will probably finish it for you.
  4. Refer to your girl friend for advice.


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