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Women Request I Become Their Slave

You can look at slavery sideways, and realize we often work for nothing in return.

Sun, 10 Mar 2013 08:09:07

Women Request I Become Their Slave

I am from the USA, I have visited many countries, and here I am an American traveling in Africa. Yes, I feel a little guilty for slavery, but ever since the first time I came to here, I have been thinking. Maybe it was not difficult to make blacks slaves? Actually, I believe putting a carrot out in front of people, with hope, and even status, and you can enslave them easily.


Hunter Gatherer Enslaved Easily
When the Europeans arrive here on this continent, for the most part it was a Hunter-gatherer culture. This is day to day living, stop one day, and there is no food, farming is ten times better than that lifestyle. Europe were already agricultural, and even stored food, therefore they had stable food supplies. They came to this continent, and offered people steady food, something only the Chief enjoyed. When a person is offered stable food, one would do about anything in return, even become their indentured servant.

Hunters Gathers

And, then they went to America and worked on a farm, again, they were able to stop with the hunting and gathering, the cessation of day to day, hand to mouth living.

It is kind of like being a cow, and I admit I am an Animal, and yes, I am comparing humans to cows.

The promise of a good life is offered to me by women, they offer family, food, cooking, and to wash my clothes, and of course the love making stuff. In return, I am supposed to grant the woman 10-100 times more value. I am male, I am Andy Graham, and for sure the male sex is stupid as a brick, but here on this continent, in a more raw culture it become obvious I am stupid.

The offer is blunt, no masking of intentions, the deal seems rather blunt, and only good for the girl. Well, the women here flirt, want a gift, small money, and feel absolutely no remorse in making me work for free, give, and they take. And, guess what, I give, what is up with that?

Something for nothing, I am willing to give.

I think that is the definition of a slave.

LA girls

Andy Graham in Kara, Togo, West Africa

Ok, you are not my slave, you are a pet.
I will marry you, come the USA, and eat your money.
I am tired of hunting, I will become a farmer.

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