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Why I Feel Sad and Sorry for French People

The French culture has slowly became a former empire that is trying to retain power, influence, and money by hook or crook, it is sad, failure to thrive.

Mon, 18 Mar 2013 22:28:09

Why I Feel Sad and Sorry for French People

I used to feel love France, then I started to ignore it, now I  have started to feel sorry for the French people. The country was once an Empire, and it slowly has dripped into a nothing, who only holds onto power with nefarious agreements. It is like a small child who has been punished, and arrogant steal cookies from his brothers and sisters.

I am Andy Graham, an American from Orland, Indiana in the United States of America. Our family came the USA as Europeans, and as best I can determine, we were either from Scotland, Ireland or England, people from the United Kingdom. And as real American, our family could care less, we have no allegiance to Europe, and you could say, our family, my race, my people came up with term,
“Freedom Fries.”

arbil hotel

A Haunting Comment from an American Diplomat in Arbil, Iraq.
I stay in this Hotel in Arbil, Iraq in August of 2003, and an American diplomat travel with his own money say to me,
"The French are the most ingenuine people I have every met, and I am not  saying this loosely, my daughter is married to a French man."
Hotel Photos Iraq  More Iraq)   

I think after 10 years of world travel later, I am accidentally pulling together all the pieces to understand his comment, after actual experiences, not something I read about the French people. The last 15 years of my life has had continuous contact with Europeans, very few French, except in Francophone countries, and they seldom speak English good, my French is finally good enough to talk with them... I am not sure this is good.

And, still to this, 10 years later, I want him to explain his interpretation of the word "ingenuine," to me. In the context of our coversation, I am positive he meant this, we should not trust them carte blanche, what they say is never what they really mean.

First of all, let me say this, I consider it bad manners to go in search of negative thoughts about other cultures. And, never used the term Freedom Fries, thinking it was petty to think about France, it is not country I worry about, more or less a country full of boys with scarves around their necks.

I do not live in Five Star Hotels so I can avoid culture, I do the opposite, and I try to live in Hotels full of the local people of the country I am visiting.

I know 90 countries on the planet, and have visited in Europe:

England, Spain, France, German, Austria, Italy, Latvia, Hungary, Holland (The Netherlands), Belgium, Lithuania, Estonia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg.

Maybe more, I do not like to think about Europe, I have lived there for over one year of my life, it is a depressing thought.

Europe is like having a rich client invite you to his country club for dinner, and handing you the bill. He expect you to enjoy it, and say thank you, and wish him well, and he apologized for bringing his wife, best friend, and two children, and not having time to talk about business.

Today, I am in Lome, Togo West Africa.

I have traveled to a few Francophone countries, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger.

Togo is one of my favorite countries on the planet, however I am think I may change my center of West Africa base to Benin, the country feels more independent, and less under the thumb of France.

France gave liberation from colonization, in return the Francophone countries must use their banks, and they created the CFA, which has created 12 of the poorest nation on the planet.

I do not Search for Negatives on France,
“They find me.”

I went to Iraq in August, September of 2003, the heavy fighting ended on May 1st, and I was told I need a press pass to enter, no regular citizen were permitted.

I tease the French,
“I saw you chicken roaster in Iraq, a stainless steel roaster that is to be found all over the Francophone.”

When I was in Arbil, I met an American diplomat, who was travel from one end of the country, to the bottom, something highly rare. He wanted to understand the big picture, contrary to what you think, USA Soldiers in Iraq know little about the real people; they were kept in a box.

The American diplomat said to me and Peter in a Hotel in Arbil, Iraq:
"The French are the most ingenuine people I have every met."

What the hell does that mean?

Stories along my life about French people and France.

I met this girl Sophie from Paris, France when in Istanbul, Turkey in August of 2003, right before I took the bus to Silopi, Turkey to enter Iraq. It was a funny meeting; I entered a rather nice restaurant, said hello to her, the management, and sat at table on the opposite end of the small Turkey restaurant. Sophie waited for about 10 minutes, and said,
“You are not going to try to talk with me?”
I looked at her, sort of grimace in confusion, and said,
“Miss, we are in nice restaurant, you are on the other side of the room, and it is not polite to just push myself upon a single woman.”
She then said,
“OK, then come sit and talk to me.”
It was one of them romantic, erotic, French stories we always want to have, but few actually do. She was hot, a cancer nurse attending a medical conference, and staying in super expensive Hotel. She invited me to go this rather empty, bar with a balcony, and I explained I was a world traveler, and in 2003, I had been out for about 5 years.

She wanted me to bend her over the table on the balcony, but persuaded her to go to her hotel, where we had whoopee.

She called me the whole time I was in Iraq, she followed my Blog post, and put the telephone numbers of my Hotels, and Sophie would call, saying,
“Come to Paris, I want to make babies.”

Now, I am sort of green around the ears, Indiana farm boy, and sort of take French and Europeans, and other cultures in a simple way. I thought she was saying,
“We had great whoppee, come to Paris, and we can do it more.”

Well, after Iraq, I took her up on it, thinking, it would be the cheapest way ever for me to live in Paris, one of the most expensive cities I have ever been too, it cost me 20 plus Euros to buy three drink on the Champs Elysee looking at the Arc d'Triump.
(Andy on Champs Elysees

Germany conquered France in like 7 days in WW II

French money cost

I went to Paris:

When I arrived in Paris, she instantly wanted me to have unprotected sex, I thought she was on the pill, and after much talking she finally explained,
"I want you make me pregnant."

She was maybe 34, and burning time for baby making.

I said,
"I want to think about this, and got out of bed, as she was not respecting my opinion."

As best I can understand, she remembered traveling for a year abroad, and though that as a long-term traveler I was the same as her, or other travelers she met. She believed, without hesitation that I would make a baby, walk away, and never even care.

Aagh, what an ugly thought. The idea of making a baby, and not caring about the baby would make any Graham family person from Indiana cringe. Family and   Church is everything to our family, making babies is number one job for the family.

I know people can be selfish, and Sophie was abusive, denigrating, and had no class, and treated me like her slave, as if a room in Paris and sex was of value to me, which the room was. 

I felt very sorry for Sophie in her flat, she paid 160,000 Euros for condo, with a very small balcony. She had this loft bed in the middle of the 12 by 20 foot room that was a living room, kitchen, and bedroom all in one. She had a wash machine, which I need to use just returning from a long scoot to Paris from Basrah, to Baghdad, to Istanbul, I want to clean my world.

She did not have a dryer, and was not allowed to hang the clothes on the balcony, there was not even a dryer vent possible.

This is my first empathy, betazoid moment with French people, I sold Real Estate in Fort Wayne, Indiana and said,
"They did not sell you a complete condo."

Living quarters always need sleeping, cooking, storage of food, security, and what people in the USA take for granted, a way to do laundry. It also needs a desk, if you look at any first rate hotel, it has a way to do all of these functional needs.

Hotel in France Paris

After two days of French cultural abuse, I packed my backpack, and walked away, found a 25 Euro hotel, one of the worst ever in my 15 years of travel.

It had a bidet, but no shower, it was amazing, there was a bath tub up in an open area, and I could see old fat men from who knows which country taking a shower in public. I have no idea how they did this in winter.

You really start to understand after a awhile, that the poor in French have no way of living, Sophie the cancer nurse was half-way ok, but not even close to having enough to live half as good a the average American.
Hotel slum in Paris - Paris

That was my first experience with the give you less than needed, expect you to obey mentality of French. I am in Hotel Le Galion in Lome, Togo, it has a true slumlord way of treating people, service only after you force them. The Swiss French owners will stop smoking cigarettes, and do their job, only after a complaint. I have taken a video of the mattress, and will burn my bridges here this wanker Chambre de Passage soon.

Algerian in Ghent

This Algerian immigrant to Ghent, Belgium explained an intriguing comment to me, and I have been trying to collaborate for years.
"All of main body of Europe was a third world country before the Marshall plan."

More or less all the non-Scandanavian counties, and not the UK.



HMM, I remember the 75 dollar HOtel on St Maartens and Island in the carribean with cockroaches.

Algerian man in Ghent Belgium, who said,
"Before the Marshal plan, the main part of Europe was a third world nation."
French Hotel
Paris is outrageously expensive, 20 plus Euros for 3 drinks.
I met an American diplomat in this Hotel in August of 2003, he said a comment that about the French, I will never forget.

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