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We are Not Fools, Obviously Going to Another State in the USA we Expect it to be Different

Culture shock is real, I read this interesting ramble about culture shock, it was intriguing to me.

Sun, 18 Mar 2012 00:24:39

If I moved from the state of Indiana to New York, I would encounter and experience cultural shock. I am making plans to travel by mini-van on a USA road trip, after living outside the USA for 14 years, I will have culture shock.

Please read this quote:

"We are not fools. Obviously, going to another country, we fully expect a different language, style of dress, mode of transportation, food.

Cultures of USA

This is a map of the major cultures of the USA, in the past, there 50 states of the USA were like small countries. The separated into states by culture and shared beliefs and business interest, and 100 of other reasons.

We are obviously fools...

I am presently in a place called Luperon, it a Hurricane Hole in the Dominican Republic where Sailboat find safe harbor. I have made friends with a man by the name of Steve who has a Dominican girlfriend, they have been fighting.

He said,
"What do you think?"

I said,
"I accept that I am clueless to understand this culture, I have ideas, but they constantly surprise me."

He wisely said,
"Yes, we just talk, and accept what happens, knowing all along that we do not have any idea what they are doing in reality."

Acceptance we do not control or understand anything.

All the 12-step program is going to give you a first step,
"We accepted we were powerless and our lives had become unmanageable."

I avoid any person who believes they are in control of their lives, or sits around giving too much advice on how to grasp control. I much rather sit on the side lines and observe the crazies of life, then try to think I can control them.


Accepter ther are none, kust enjoy the day, try to do the right thing, and do not volunteer to be God, do not wrestle with him or her for control.



USA culture Map.

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