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Video of Small Predator Haitian Girl Following Me to Mark Her Territorial Right to the Area

This is a rare and difficult to capture video of a natural human behavior by humans to follow another human for what I consider territorial marking.

Tue, 21 Feb 2012 14:57:37


When you arrive at the bottom tiers of human development, when there is little or no social training, then humans will follow another human. Generally, in advance cultures they consider following another human as unacceptable or maybe a violation of our personal space or privacy. However, generally the concept of personal space disappears at lower levels of civilization.

Now, this girl in the video in reality is not at the lowest level, she just is young enough and simple enough culturally that she is doing what all cultures do, they follow.

Often you will see groups of small children come out and naturally greet without shame or remorse, or introspection, no agenda a foreigner who enters the area.

The Girl Started Matching my Stride or Gait.

What was different here, my situational awareness picked up on the fact that something had suddenly started moving at the same speed as me. I glanced back and realized it was a small black, probably Haitian girl here in the Saman neighborhood of the town of Montellano in Dominican Republic. Well, I am six foot tall and this 3.5 foot girl was unnaturally walking at exact speed, neither slower or faster, that is an unnatural gait. I did not look directly back at her, that form of body language would have stopped her, I wanted her to continue to follow, instead I pointed my camera at her, it is flat, looks like a cellphone and she was not aware I recording her.

Now, I am acutely aware of this type of behavior, because thieves, attacker, and people who really are being predatory for bad reasons behave the same. Normally in my body language control of those more dangerous situations, I will stall my walk, let the one or two people walk on by, then pull in stride and follow them in the exact manner. That normally puts the fear of God into them, it is aggressive turnabout. (Seldom is there more than two people, that would be gang behavior and I believe is part of higher developed, communities like Ghetto behavior.)

Rarely am I able to find a more simple manner of this, and have the ability to video this in a natural way.

She neither wanted to greet or avoid me, but was willing to exchange names after she became aware it was time to separate.

Simplicity of understand, the understanding that we are in the same territory and that I am the visitor. She has the inherent right to follow me, I am the foreigner in here territory and she does not need permission in my opinion to follow.

Strangely, this is somehow more common and dominant in the black African bloodlines, like there is more hunting or predatory nature to them. I would say it also is prevalent in the Amazon river basin area, but these levels of lessor contact or simplicity of cultures are hard to find.

Do not minimize this, this was a rare and lucky video I took.

Video of Small Predator Haitian Girl Following Me to Mark Her Territorial Right to the Area.

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