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Third World Means, The Third Level of Shame

The third level does not understand the rules of he first.

Tue, 22 Jan 2013 22:18:55

Third World means the Third Level of Shame

First World - No Shame
Second World - Only shame when not obeying the King.
Third World - Trying their best to understand the rules of first and second, and avoid all punishment given.

Calling a country “Third World” is technically an insult, if you really understand the meaning of the phrase.

Third world

(Hey you in there, we want to stop being NOTHING, we are a SOMETHING.)

Third means you can never become first world, or second.

I am in West Africa, it is annoying when people apologize, and suck up, as if I am from some level of country, for which they can never achieve. Unless I accept them, and take them there, they believe the USA is a club, which needs an invitation to join; boy does the First World have the Third World baffled.

The Mexicans that come to the USA believe they are now first level and they know all the rules, because they are allowed to play in the game.

The Third World lives in constant shame, and self-abhorration, because they can never obey the rules of the First, if they did, they would become First World also, and there would be no value in living in the First World country.

Generally, the only way to stop being a person from the Third World is to migrate to the First World, and pretend you lived there all your life, never talking about home.

The USA and Europe is the lands that make the rules, with Japan, and the Nobles of China, most English speaking countries.

The first, and second world, or estates is a position for which no common man can achieve. This is only reserved for Kings, Chiefs and people blessed by God, the Kings get first world, and the church and nobleman get the second level. The term is an adaptation of the terms in French, First Estate, and Second Estate.

I suspect, the Magna Carta and the French Revolution, was a statement saying, not that they wanted something, but that the people wanted to stop being nothing. More or less screaming,
“We are not nothing!”

The First, Second, and Third Worlds are only in our minds, but an effective way of saying, you can never join us. By labeling a country Third World with all the commoners, the proletariat, the rabble then there is no way for them to become first or second. The term is up close and personal to the term racist, except the racist is a belief that is irrational, and there are economic, social, cultural and manners of people, there are rational reasons why the Third is indeed, the Third way of thinking.

I do not believe a nation can become first world, but one person can, by learning the manners, they need immersion training.

The world is graded on a curve, without second, and third class seats; there is no way to be first class.

1. Kings, Presidents and Dictators do not need to obey the rules, they make rules.

2. Church, Nobles, and other quasi leaders only obey the rules of number 1.

3. Shame Third World, needs to obey the rules of everyone above, truly a horrible existence full of shame, repression, and oppression, everyone is guilty

Well, I keep thinking about this Netherlands Preacher in Grand Bassam, Cote d’Ivoire who said,
“Africans are shameless.”

Hard to be a preacher, if none of the parishioner have shame, or is the goal the fear of God?

No, Africans do try to obey the rules, but they cannot, because if they did, they would stop being Third, and become First, and that would really irritate the First, no reason to pay extra for First Class seats, when even the Third Class have the money to buy them.

Africans do not understand the rules of the third world, therefore they cannot obey them, they are foreign ideas, mutually exclusive from their world.

Morals is obeying the rules, a rather impossible feat for a Christian, one hundred percent impossible for an Islamic person or a Jewish, the Buddhist and Hindu are easy enough, so vague, you can pretend you do, and nobody can state the rules clearly to say you violated them.

Religions are just different levels of guilt, and shame.

Well, then, what do you do if you are King or Chief, and the commoners do not obey the rules?

You scream at them, it is like operant conditioning, they need reward and punishment, Too funny in a way, we want to give First World values and culture to the Third World, who is clueless to understand,
“Please, Mr. First World, explain that again.”

“Or at least spank me, so I know when I am disobeying the rules.’

Cycle Cybernetics in play…

Andy Graham wondering why, and knowing that people who think they are less than me, can never rise up to my level until they believe they can. It has nothing to do with me, but does grant me tons of power, for which I have no use as a Hobo.

Really, the third world has horrible manners, nothing a good finishing school could not teach their children, which would get all these brutes accepted into first class. But just because you pay for First Class seats, does not mean I will talk with you, if you have third class manners.

Really Africans have great manners to other Africans, and believe they ara behaving all manners of the First World when they are in the USA or have the money, Money does not buy manners, but people believe they do, too funny.

I must holler at my African friends, and this is not fun.

Note, understand that 80 percent of the world is Third World it is the normal world, and the first is over-developed, they are not under-developed.

Andy Graham, Atakpame, Togo, West Africa

Hey, we want to stop being nothing!

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