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The Fine Line Between Enlightened Conversations and Nitpicking Complainers and Talking with Americans

I accept that I am 100 percent American, and it is impossible to stop being what I am.

Mon, 9 Apr 2012 01:46:17

I have been in country now for 13 days, and I accept that I am an American, it is my culture of comfort, it is the culture where I can relax.

I was born in Indiana, raised in the small farm and factory work town of Orland Indiana, and for that fact, I will always be proud. It was a stroke of luck to be raised in this culture, to be part of that culture. I am from the "Orland Culture:" The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an  institution, organization, or group.


Travel makes all people uncomfortable...

When you leave your own culture, you experience many NON-shared attitudes, values, goals and practices of the culture you are visiting.

Easter with my Family in 2012

Yesterday, Sunday, I spent a few hours with a few of my family, only four of us were from Orland, the rest from Fort Wayne, only about 50 miles away, but in many ways a different culture.

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Fort Wayne presently is said to have 253,691 residents, while Orland has 434, maybe 435 when I am living there, according to WikiPedia.org.

14 Years Out-Country

I have spent the last 14 year, out of country, or out-country in Travel Jargon, I am now In-Country.

Sometimes a traveler will say, I visited a place, and sometimes we will say, "I know" a place, and there is a small line, it is small, but there is a difference between visiting and knowing.

The Americanism of Knowing

The more I travel, the more I know, I know JackAll about the planet, while Americans often talk about the world as if they know, it is an Americanism.

In the last 13 days, I have done my best to avoid, the "Politically Correct" group of Americans who know, and want to tell me they know.

I have talked with some highly educated Americans in the last 13 days, who in English enlightened my world. However, there are many who believe they know, and are enlightened, and take a posture of knowing, which is annoying. Reading is not knowing, it is only being subjected to ideas. I do not believe you can know anything until you also couple it with experience.

I have never been Married, I understand a few ideas about Marriage, but I will not say I know anything about Marriage, I only have been made aware of the institution.

I think wisdom comes when we stop talking like we know about something about something we read, but did not experience.

Well, I am in the USA, preparing to travel around the USA, on a USA Road Trip, it is about the experience of meeting the people of the USA, the culture I share.

Nitpicking Complainers,

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