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The Americanization of Andy Lee Graham Tour

I am Andy Lee Graham, I have lived outside the USA for 14 years, I am doing a USA Road Trip, and maybe the goal is the Americanization of me in 2012.

I caught myself saying the "American Mantra." yesterday,

"I am too busy."


Boy Genius from I-N-D-I-A, my partner is laughing at me, I feel and sense he is a little prejudice that "Anything American is good." Me and Andrew talk daily for 30-60 minutes over Skype, discussing updates, and changes to all the Hobo sites. He is very excited to hear stories about my daily adventures in the USA.

He likes to to hear about America, while I am being annoyed, he is being entertained about a place where the streets are paved with gold. The USA is a dream, always something just out of their reach for people from other countries, just too far away for people from other countries like I-N-D-I-A.

The people of the world (Boy Genius) generally share the same "Americanism," that anything American is better, or the best, somehow the USA does it better. The world wants to buy American, they want to share our American Dream. In a way, they want to be somebody, because people from America are a somebody, and not a nobody.

Andy being Americanized

I want to slow down my world, and I am reviewing, I want to know who stepped on my gas peddle and made my life faster.

“I’ve lost touch with America,”
he said.
“Everyone talks a lot and they’re loud and they have big noses.”
--- Andy Lee Graham...
Talking to Frank Gray Columnist for the Journal Gazette Newspaper.

I purchased a van for my USA Road Trip.

There are Americanism:

Culture: "The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an  institution, organization, or group.

- Thinking everything in America is better...

- The belief that a mortgage is normal.

- Talking loud

- Driving a car

I admit that I question, and now believe many things American are not beneficial to my goal of being happy. I do not believe in credit for small things, maybe only for a home.

There is a Starbuck Coffee and McDonald's close to the LaSalle Bed and Breakfast where I am staying here in April of 2012.  Bed and Breakfast

Both have a drive through, and there is a stead stream of cars at both, McDonald's sells a normal large cup of coffee for one U.S. Dollar, and Starbucks is three dollars.

This to me is what is wrong with America, and often the world.


Glad to see you finally got your van. I think its a bit small for me, but it will be interesting to see how it works out for you . I would recommend you also buy a Garman GPS, driving is so much easier with one of those and I never leave without one now days. Cheers......TL

Page Turner

Well, You are correct about the noise level. When you entertained us with your comments outside the USA I never heard all the noise of traffic and horns etc. However, I did not hear any roosters crowing as you described your van either.The van is a great color and it will quite pretty when you shine it up real good.Seems I have heard you say you really do not like mowing yard and perhaps polishing a vehicle comes in the same category HaHa.


I wish I could get Europeans to stop talking about the USA. I was in Oaxaca Mexico, a girl from Britain was memorizing all the states in the USA. She thought that was important, and few Americans could list out the 42 countries of Europe.

I asked a Netherland man in Senegal, do you watch American TV? He said,
"We used to say no, and how stupid it is, but we cannot anymore, there are some truly good shows on American TV."

Europeans abroad are not enthusiatic about the USA, but the are not normal Europeans. There is a mythical value to the idea that people do not want Americans.

I heard my friend Mike say last night,
"The French will not talk to American in Franc."

Which is sort of true in the "Tourist Bubble," France is the most visited tourist destinatio on the planet, and they are burnt. Plus these areas are manned by the ill mannered immmigrants to France.

When I was in France, England or any European nation, all the NON-tourist industry people were great. Solution, leave the 5 Star or the Resort.

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